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🩠 Useful 3D printed tools against coronavirus COVID-19

Here is a selection of the most useful 3D models to make with a 3D printer agains coronavirus covid-19

Download 3D files of accessories against the coronavirus COVID-19

This collection is made to help all members of the 3D printing community with open-source models. If you have free open-source 3D models or ideas don't hesitate to share them with the tag #3DvsCOVID19 so that everyone can benefit from them. We will add the best 3D files as we go along.

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Caution: using a mask does not protect you from coronavirus. All studies show that, in periods of generalized circulation of a virus, the mask is nothing if it is not accompanied by strict hand washing measures and, as is the case at the moment, containment of the population. However, even marginal, its usefulness can be understood, especially in an epidemic with many healthy or weakly symptomatic carriers. The idea is, in case of doubt, to avoid spreading the virus around you, which you could be a vector without knowing it.
We invite you to inform yourself in detail before printing in 3D or using any of the equipment present in this collection, our role is to aggregate as many open-source 3D files related to the coronavirus COVID-19, but don't forget to inform yourself before using these elements.

Here is our selection of the 3D printing 3D files useful against the COVID-19 coronavirus, all these accessories come from the 3D file library Cults, are perfectly 3D printable and have been created by members of the 3D printing community willing to help people all over the world with free and open-source 3D models.

This collection brings together free and open-source 3D files to help all those in need because of the Coronavirus COVID-19. We call on all members of the 3D printing community to share useful and free models to help those who need it most. As countries around the world begin to close their borders and ask their populations to stay in their homes, all those makers who have a 3D printer, could print things to better understand the pandemic from the comfort of their own homes.

The hospitals, doctors and nursing staff, are starting to run out of material, this collection can allow to distribute to the greatest number and FREE OF CHARGE spare parts or elements that can be 3D printed and can help them. There is not much we can do from home to help fight the pandemic, modeling 3D printable files is a first step.

If you have an idea or a free file to share, add in the object description #3DvsCOVID19 and we will add it to this collection to help as many people as possible. If you have ideas or needs for 3D objects, ask for them by adding #3DvsCOVID19 to your request on Twitter, we will relay this to encourage 3D designers to model these objects.