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🔧 « Definitely the greatest invention since the Swiss Army Knife. »
A. MacGyver

Build stuff or fix them up thanks to 3D printing, and be the best weekend DIYer ever with Cults. Download free STL files of spare part, screwdrivers, keys, ingenious stuff...

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What could be more obvious than using this incredible tool that is the 3D printer to really print tools! In spite of certain resistance constraints for 3D printed tools, it is possible to make a lot of elements. Indeed, every plastic element related to tools or to the realization of works in one's house can be easily 3D printed. You will find many STL files to store screws, nails or other elements in your workshop, your garage, your lab or your maker space.

These 3D printable tools can also be closely linked to your 3D printer. Indeed, you can print elements to improve the cooling or the stability of your printer, but also camera supports or storage for your tools. Even more incredible, you can print a 3D printer with your 3D printer! Of course, all you have to do is add some mechanical parts, motors and electronics. That being said, the 3D print files are available on the Cults download platform.

You've probably heard of them, even NASA and ESA are using tools they 3D print directly in the ISS, so why not do the same in your garage!

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