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🎾 Best 3D printed musical instruments

Discover in this collection of 3D models all STL files for 3D printer related to music.

3D printed musical instruments

Celebrate music with this selection of the best STL files of musical instrument. Whether string or wind instruments, there are some for all music lovers. Download the paid or free 3D models, send them into your slicer to prepare the GCode and upload this file to your 3D printer. Then you just have to find a song to play :)

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Discover our selection of the best 3D files for 3D printer related to music. All these STL files are printable in 3D, so just download them, heat up your 3D printer. This collection was created by selecting the best 3D models from the 3D Cults object library.

3D printing is making progress every day, even allowing makers to print musical instruments in 3D. We used to know instruments made with professional 3D printers but now some instruments can be made with a 3D desktop printer.

You can download in this selection several 3D models of music accessories, from simple objects to more complex objects: meditators, guitars, flutes, ocarinas, ukulele, violins, pianos, drums, etc.

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