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Would you like to make an opinion before you register on Cults and become part of our awesome community of 3D printing enthusiasts ? You're absolutely right (it's better to find out a little bit more on Internet before trusting)!

This page may help you in your choice since you will find a selection of opinions, comments, verbatims, testimonials, criticisms or sweet words from members of our community about the Cults platform.

If you would like to add a comment as well, feel free to send us a message we will be very happy to publish it on this page!

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🚀 "I've been using Cults3D to share my 3D models for more than 2 years. The site is fast, well organized and regularly updated. Moreover, the team is very active on social networks to publish the very inspiring creations of other designers and to respond to users. The platform has become one of the references in 3D file publishing and it is with enthusiasm that I support this French startup :)" — Heliox

🛠️ "Cults 3D site and social media channels are the best places to get inspiration from amazing designers. It's a great marketplace for folks who are looking to get paid for their work. The curation is what sets Cults 3D apart from other repo sites. The site is very well designed and features clean and simple UI/UX that makes browsing a pleasure." — Adafruit

🥰 "Cults is one of the best and easiest to use platforms that allows designers and makers alike to seamlessly interact and share designs. For being a small team of three, the Cults team makes you feel like they run an entire enterprise with how well they are able to support and interact with their members, not only on the Cults website but on their social media pages as well. It has been a pleasure to share our designs exclusively on Cults and we will continue to do so." — 3DWinnipeg

🤩 "I have had the very good fortune of working closely with the Cults team for the past six years. The professionalism and integrity they bring to this platform is without equal. From the very beginning, Pierre, Hugo and Sunny have been attentive to the needs of the modelers and community they serve. On more than one occasion I've made some small suggestions for platform enhancements which they implemented even before receiving a response to my email!" — reddadsteve

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💬 "Cults is one of my preferred 3D printing platforms. I love your philosophy and I really like the support you give to new designers. You are very active in social networks and you share projects from all people to give them visibility. You are also very attentive to answering questions, you have spoken with me on several occasions through Instagram. In conclusion, it is a highly recommended website!" — DukeDoks

🙌 "As soon as I can I recommend Cults, whether it's to users who want to download free models or who want to support designers by spending a few euros for original models, or to designers who will find a great platform with high quality content and above all a team that listens to users, super responsive and very friendly. I've tested pretty much all platforms and I prefer Cults from faaaaaaaar, moreover the founders are super nice and always ready to answer any question. Don't hesitate one second to register and why not upload some models." — Snorri

😊 "A friendly and reactive team for a platform on which I can both share my creations and find a wide choice of other things to print in 3D." — Wabby

🤝 "The site is very intuitive and user friendly, and it’s nice to know there are real people on the other side working hard to help designers like me succeed. After the very first Flexi that I posted, my "Cute Flexi Print-in-Place Skeleton", Pierre (co-founder of Cults) sent me an email to compliment and congratulate me on the success of my print. Now with over a dozen models posted, and having multiple models featured, it has become clear that Cults isn’t simply a place to sell my models, but more of a partnership." — FlexiFactory

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🤓 "I remember the day you invited me to be part of the Cults team, I recently closed my Thingiverse account tired of the constant failures of the web, I recently created an instagram account and I always recommend and link the photos with my cults account. Although I do not know you personally, I consider you some very nice and serious people at work, your page is the best, most attractive and organized to publish my designs. I hope I will continue to be part of the Cults team for a long time and make the community bigger and bigger." — Alsamen

⭐ "For me Cults is the best way I know of to share my designs with a huge community of enthusiasts. Best of all, everyone is making a real effort to make you feel like you're a valued part of the space. I am really glad they are here. Five out of five stars! ★★★★★" — fhuable

💜 "Cults is my favorite marketplace to upload 3D models. The team puts a lot of great work to take care of the models and the customers. I really appreciate how they go through all the models to create collections and handpick the best creations. Over the years, we could always count on Cults to take great care of our models." — 3D-mon

✊ "It's been about a year since I discovered Cults and I really haven't looked back since. There's a reason I only use Cults for my uploads: it just works. It's as simple and as tidy as it should be. And on top of that, an active community where I feel at home and proud to be a member of." — stonestef

🐲 "My name is Marco, Orobus_3D_Maker for makers, and I am a designer engineer. I purchased my 3D print 4 years ago and have been designing, creating and printing ever since. After that, a few months later, I started posting my creation on the internet and people downloaded my file and printed my designs. Then I create my first masterpiece, the first SHAPE SHAKER version, the CATERPILLAR which has been a great success. At that moment Pierre, one of the founding fathers of cults3d noticed me, and wrote me a message inviting me to be part of the Cults3D family. I gladly accepted and since that day we have never separated. I have published all my works here, I have gained followers, I have won awards, I have also conquered the first page of the website with my SHAPE SHAKER DRAGON, I have created my network of friends and I have also managed to finance my workshop. Cults3d gave me the opportunity to do all this and to grow day by day as a designer, always comparing myself with my colleagues and challenging them to win a place in the Cults selection. All this healthy competition has managed to create an idea feeding mechanism that pushes me and all members of the community to produce always new ideas. I have always been in favor of free exchange of ideas and competition and thanks to You this has also been possible for 3D printing. Thanks guys, and may 3D printing be with us all, forever!!!" — Ocrobus


📈 "I started in the world of 3d printing about 6yrs ago, before that my main activity was 3d design for the manufacturing industry and for architectural visualization. My country has been in a severe economic crisis since 2015, so that meant that my main customers for arch viz and 3d modeling for industry were absent, for that I had to come up with new ways to sustain myself and my family, so I started to design models for 3d printing to sell online. I published a few free models on the by then most popular site and at some point Cults contacted me over email. They were super respectful, and I could see that their community was growing fast, I began to publish paid and free models on their site and really soon sales were incoming. Cults also has a great present on social media so I have been able to grow my followers base. Right now I have a huge collection of published models and get a relatively steady income from sales every month. My best wishes for you guys, and I hope we can keep growing together. Thanks for everything." — guaro3d

🥇 "I would highly recommend Cults to all designers, up and coming and veterans alike! I am a self taught 3D designer with a full time job. I am a lifelong artist at heart and finding a way to share my art with the world on this platform is a dream come true. Before I began using Cults, I had no idea that a hobbyist like me could find a way to support their hobby without paying a monthly subscription fee with no guarantees. Their 80/20 split model is fair and their platform is straightforward and user friendly. They are by far THE most supportive site for independent designers, hobbyists, and artists. In a little over a year, I have over 12,700 downloads of my own designs and have found many useful and interesting things from other designers to download myself. The crew at Cults is doing an amazing job. Their wonderful variety in show cased designers is something I look forward to every week, and it inspires me to push harder as an artist. I am so appreciative to them for all of the work that they do to support the 3D platform and designers like me." — LittleTup

🍻 "In this hard world, a bit of passion and love feels good, that's what Cults offers! On our small planet, in a developing sector, about fifteen sites propose 3D objects for 3D printer owners. When I started offering 3D models to the community in 2018, I didn't know anything about it! After several searches on the Internet, I regularly saw the Cults site appear in Google's answers. Intrigued, I went to the Cults website, and I discovered a site easy to use, full of tips and tutorials, very reactive each time I had a question and with a large community. Cults, this band of die-hard Frenchies is one of the top 3 best sites in the world. You have a 3D printer, you want free models, paid models from the best 3d designers on the planet? Go to Cults!" — Alphonse_Marcel

🥳 "I've moved all my work to Cults3D because I wanted to help out Pierre and Hugo create traction for their Business. The Platform has come a long way and I make quite a good income by selling my work here! 100% Recommendation!" — 3DWORKBENCH

🆕 "I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for building such an amazing and well thought-out platform. I only uploaded my first design 5 days ago and it has had almost 100 sales already. Your interface is so easy for sellers (and buyers) to use and it is a real breath of fresh air compared to some other 3D model sites. No wonder it is so popular. Keep up the good work!" — LR3DUK

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🎊 "I discovered Cults a few years ago now, during one of their design competitions. For the occasion, I created my first STL file for 3D printing: the Klipsi module. Thanks to that, I bought my first machine and I founded my own design studio: the Klipsi studio. Today this creation has become my entrepreneurial project, my first professional experience. 3D printing and Cults allowed me to explore a new way of creation for designers. Many thanks to Cults and their team for all this!" — StudioKlipsi

⭐ "I would like to congratulate the managers who are very responsive and guide all members at all levels. Indeed, it is essential to simplify the data in order to integrate newcomers who would be hesitant when faced with the multitude of information to be combined. 3D printing is a game mixing patience, discovery, intellectual and manual techniques and of course creation. I am very satisfied with the site and the members. Thanks again to the whole team managing the site who constantly improve the fluidity of information and support these great participants. Long live to Cults and impress me!" — PLP

🦖 "When I started 3D printing, I had no idea that my creations would be of interest to the world... after all, I'm just representing creatures from the past. I thank Cults for giving visibility to my models thanks to the thousands of people who visit the platform and in this way making my work known. Now, for me, dinosaurs are the present and they are a part of my business." — Inhuman_species

🖤 "I started using Cults3D more than two years ago. Cults3D not only means a platform where I can make my models known and sell them, it also became a fundamental tool in my daily life. At Cults3D I also find a very committed team, where the founders themselves respond to my concerns. Whether you are a designer or just want to buy an incredible model, I highly recommend the Cults3D platform." — emanuelsko

✨ "I don't know how they do it, but I have a steady clients/downloads rate here. Comparing to other platforms it is unusual. Cults3D seems well suited to do what anyone would want/expect it to (both as a content creator and user/enthusiast). I think that's because it has a community of real people/users behind, skillfully attracted by quality content, non-aggresive marketing policy and general culture of its founders. "JUST" works as it should! Many thanks Pierre, Hugo and Sunny!!!" — euroreprap_eu

🪙 "Cults3D is so good it's become a viable second income stream for myself to help me carry out a lifetime career of sculpting miniatures. Your site could win the hearts and minds of a group of dedicated sculptors like myself and we can all ride this wave to a happy and early retirement!" — MekkaMiniatures

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