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📱 “Cults, it’s a revolution.”
S. Jobs

Customize all your high tech objects with Cults 3D models and blow all the nerds and geeks away! Check out our free 3D files of smartphone cases, USB keys, robots and lots of other innovative gadgets for 3D printing.


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3D printing is becoming omnipresent in more and more sectors and especially in our daily life. Many small elements that we use every day or even that we have permanently in our pocket can now be 3D printed. For example, you can now 3D print your phone case, if it breaks or gets damaged it is not a problem, just print a new one. You can also choose its shape and eventually customize it.

The 3D print STL files in this gadget category have been designed by designers facing problems that you may have already encountered. They have come up with very practical and 3D printable solutions. Feel free to browse this gadget category of our Cults 3D files platform to discover all their great ideas !

You can also find here all sorts of DIY projects combining 3D printing and electronic components like the Arduino or the Raspberry Pi. These two technologies go very well together, indeed 3D printing allows to create a shell, a covering around a component. This is also the reason why many scientists, students and hobbyists use 3D printers: the 3D printer is not an end in itself, but a means to achieve a project that combines several disciplines.

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