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đŸ”© Best useful 3D objects to make with a 3D printer

Here is a selection of the best STL files for useful, functional and practical 3D prints to make with 3D printing

Download useful, practical and functional 3D models

Discover our TOP of the best useful objects to 3D print in everyday life. Whether you want to make your life easier in the bathroom, kitchen, home or at work, you will find everything you need in this list of 3D printer models. Life hack start now with your 3D printer!

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Here is our list of the best STL files of useful and functional objects to 3D print, all these 3D creations come from the site of 3D files Cults and are perfectly 3D printable.

This collection gathers useful free or paying 3D models to simplify your life. Designers from all over the world are facing the same issues as you and they have put their design skills at the service of innovative, practical and above all printable in 3D solutions!

In this TOP of useful 3D prints there is everything you need to make your daily life more effective and practical. You'll find everything you need to amplify the sound of your phone, tidy up your things, save toothpaste, repair things... One of the criticisms often levelled against 3D printing is that the makers only do useless things, this collection is the perfect example to prove the contrary. As proof, the 3D printer and the 3D file sharing platforms allow 3D designers from all over the world to put their skills and design ideas at the service of everyone.

If you print a file for home, don't forget to show us how you use it by posting a photo of the result! This will help designers to better understand the effect their ideas have on the daily lives of 3D printer owners.