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« They even have my size. » R. Sifredi

Spice up your sex life and blow your lover away, by 3D printing your own 3D sex toys here on Cults. With our free 3D models, we provide the perfect arsenal for a successful party: handcuffs, naughty dice, dildo STL and all the rest and make them with your 3D printer

Hi naughty one! So you'd like to have fun with kinky 3D printed models?! You are right ;)

But on Cults, little bunnies have to prove they are grown up enough.

Best 3D print model of sex toys

Category Naughties

All 3D models of 3D printable sex toys

It can sometimes be embarrassing to assume certain sexual preferences or sexual practices. Going directly to a sex shop can be frowned upon or misunderstood by some. Ordering online dildos and plugs via e-commerce sites is still a bit embarrassing, because there can still be contact with the delivery person. The best solution to buy dildos and other masturbators in all discretion is to get the 3D print files directly on Cults to print them at home.

At Cults we have created this naughty category to allow you to live your fantasies to the fullest and spice up your sex life with 3D printed sex toys. Cults is the only platform for downloading 3D files dedicated to sex toys. You will find here various 3D printable files of dildos, dildos, dildos, anal plugs, masturbators, cock rings and many other sex toys. Of course, you will have to add small elements allowing vibration for the vibrating 3D printed dildos.

In this naughty category, you will also find representations of beautiful naked women and men 3D, making love by revealing their huge penis or their magnificent breasts. These nude statuettes can also fit into the hentai theme with manga sex.