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White label platform & API

Create a platform like Cults for your customers or employees

With our technical solution, we are able to develop a white label downloading platform, customized to your company’s branding (website or intranet). We have already implemented this type of solution with major groups such as La Poste (Innovate and Create in 3D) and Boulanger (Happy3D). Depending on your needs we can help you to develop a new project and provide you a platform that will be ergonomic, designed, responsive and fully manageable. Thanks to our API, we are also able to export a part of our library to your site in order to demonstrate the full potential of 3D printing.

To find out more about Cults’ technical solutions and our Digital Factory offer, do not hesitate to ask us, we would be happy to discuss with you.

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Use the Cults API to boost your online presence

Do you have a website, an e-shop or a blog related to 3D printing? Good news! The Cults API is for you. By integrating our API to your site, you can offer your visitors the beautiful creations of our designers. Select from our catalog the designs you want to display. Your visitors will be able to directly download the 3D files. Bring THE missing design touch to your website thanks to Cults 3D artists!

How to access the API

You can access the short API documentation here. Our API is private for now but feel free to contact us directly by sending an email to We will be happy to give you an access!

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How to add a “publish to Cults” button

Create links so that your users can to share their 3D-printed files on Cults in one click. Once you’ve contacted us, you can create links in the format by updating the origin and file_url values to your site name and the (URL-encoded) URL to the 3D file model.

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