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Use the Cults API to boost your online presence

Do you have a website, an e-shop, a blog about 3D printing? Good news! The Cults API is for you. By integrating our API on your website, you can provide to your visitors our designers’ magnificent designs. Select from our catalog the designs you want to display on your site. Your visitors will only have to click to be redirected to the page to download the 3D file of their choice. Please note that the API will not give you access to the 3D files for other users. The files remain hosted on Cults for legal reasons but it will give you access to everything else: photos, titles, descriptions, tags, etc. Bring THE design touch to your site with Cults 3D artists!

How to access the API

You can access the short API documentation here. Here are the steps to follow to access our API:

If you have any questions about using the API, please contact us:

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How to add a “publish to Cults” button

Create links so that your users can to share their 3D-printed files on Cults in one click. Once you’ve contacted us, you can create links in the format by updating the origin and file_url values to your site name and the (URL-encoded) URL to the 3D file model.

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