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🍪 Best STL files 3D printed for cookie cutters

Here is a selection of the best cookie cutters 3D models to make with a 3D printer

Download free Cookie Cutters 3D files

Discover our selection of perfectly 3D printable cookie cutters that allow you to create in the kitchen. Your cookies will be much nicer to eat with these shapes inspired by your favorite heroes or by everyday objects. Don't forget to share pictures of your prints and cookies on Cults!

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Here is our selection of the best STL files for cookie cutters, all these cookie cutters are from the 3D file library Cults and are perfectly 3D printable.

This collection includes free 3D files of cookie cutters. All these 3D creations should allow you to make your days of cooking and baking even more enjoyable. All you have to do is choose your favorite cookie cutters from Cults. Then, while you are making the cake dough, start the 3D printing. As soon as your dough has finished resting, your 3D printed cookie cutters will be ready to be used.

All you have to do is place a little flour on the work surface, spread your cake dough, lightly flour the cookie cutters 3D printed and start cutting!

The 3D designers who offer their creations on the 3D file download platform Cults have therefore competed in ingenuity so that you can make cakes with great shapes thanks to their superb free 3D models! There are cartoon heroes like the Pokemons or Peppa Pig, shapes like emojis or various logos and everyday shapes.

We remind you that precautions must be taken when using 3D printing in the kitchen.

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