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Diary of new options and features available on Cults.

August 2019

  • Feature allowing to Zoom on the pictures by displaying the photos in Full Screen
  • Increase of creations main images size on Desktop and Mobile
  • New 3D File formats accepted in the Uploader

July 2019

  • Feature allowing to Rate a creation (maximum 5 stars)

June 2019

  • Possibility to remove VAT for companies with an Intracommunity VAT number

May 2019

  • Possibility to enter a different PayPal address from own Cults email address
  • Added new Social Logins buttons

March 2019

  • Feature allowing to Save a creation
  • Setting up a chat to discuss with Cults

February 2019

  • New Page 404 :)

January 2019

  • Statistics of the views number on the Creations pages
  • New version of Cults API

December 2018

  • Possibility to request the deletion of your 3D models
  • Presentation of the best designers on the home page
  • Display of the balance, still to be transferred and transfer date in the My Sales section

November 2018

  • Addition of new suggestions regarding Creations to download for Cross Shopping
  • Addition of Thematic Collections in the Categories pages

October 2018

  • Ability to delete its Comment
  • Launch of the Best Designers' Ranking

August 2018

  • System allowing Designers to automatically import their Thingiverse creations on Cults

April 2018

  • Use of Deepl translation system

May 2018

  • Integration of All3DP API allowing to compare the different prices of 3D prints online

December 2017

  • Integration of a blog on the platform

October 2017

  • Page to see all the monthly newsletters sent
  • Creation of pages allowing to organize 3D Modeling and 3D Printing Contests
  • Launch of the 3D file thematic Collections pages

September 2017

  • Display of Downloads and Likes statistics on the Creations pages
  • Display of new mini-slide blocks on the home page
  • Possibility to export your sales and download statistics in CSV format

August 2017

  • Display of the Best Sales of the category on the Categories pages

May 2017

  • Display of prices including VAT according to the location of the buyer

April 2017

  • Addition of information regarding the 3D file format on the creation page (STL, OBJ, ZIP, etc.)

March 2017

  • Added functionality to post Makes of 3D files uploaded to Cults
  • Creation of the page allowing to request 3D Modeling on Demand

February 2017

  • Launch of the special "Gift Guides" pages

January 2017

  • Launch of the V2 of "My sales" section in the personal space

October 2016

  • Added the most downloaded files on the home page
  • Added best sellers of 3D files on the home page

August 2016

  • Addition of the "Random" feature

April 2016

  • Setting up filters for search results
  • Integration of the 3D printing API iMaterialise

February 2016

  • Launch of Spanish version of the site

November 2015

  • Adding popular 3D files to the home page
  • Creation of the "Press" page

October 2015

  • Passage of the site in https

June 2015

  • Integration of Authentication API
  • Integration of 3D Hubs API

April 2015

  • Launch of Promotions pages

March 2015

  • Addition of the last updated files on the home page

February 2015

  • Creation of the Partners page

November 2014

  • Creation of the 3D viewer made in Cults

October 2014

  • Adding a RSS Cults feed

April 2014

  • Creation of the "My Sales" section in the personal space

March 2014

  • Addition of sharing buttons on social networks