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Diary of new options and features available on Cults.

March 2023

  • Added operators - and by: that allow respectively to remove a term from a search and to filter a search result by designer name
  • Creation of a search help placed at the level of the search results, indicating the operators to enter to better use the search engine
  • Possibility to delete a deactivated design

February 2023

  • A new, more efficient and relevant design search engine system is now online
  • Sorting of search results or selected pages are now available in a single drop-down menu
  • Creation of a new filter on the search results allowing to display only the designs that have one or more "Makes"
  • New layout of the design listings available in the designers' personal account with different labels for the designs: "Offline", "In moderation", "Top STL", "Secret", etc.
  • Adding the design number on the file pages
  • Ability to copy the short version of URLs in the design sharing pop-in

January 2023

  • New look for designer profiles on their design pages: badges are visible, avatar is rounded, contact and follow options are more visible
  • New filters on search results and categories to show only discounted designs
  • New "Tax" tab in the designers Sales section, allowing them to download a tax certificate of the sales gross amount generated per year
  • The list and history of payments is now available in the "Sales" part of the personal account
  • Possibility to see who own the badges by clicking on the number of members who received the badge
  • Designers can now see the number of views per model in their personal space
  • Creation of an automatic email to be notified when a design is deleted from the platform

December 2022

  • Creation of several badges awarded to all active and committed members of the community who have managed to reach certain milestones
  • Improved UX on the download confirmation page: more visible "Download" button
  • New online store to buy Cults merchandising
  • Possibility to report a Make
  • Added a share button on Mastodon
  • Updated user profiles that now have a brand new look
  • New license display system with more information and clarity
  • Added two new licenses allowing designers to sell their creation with commercial use permission

October 2022

  • It is now possible to upload images in .webp format in your designs and makes
  • Added a "Move Up" button to move one of your collections to the top of the list
  • Updated Creative Commons licenses to version 4.0
  • The API can now list all licenses that exist on Cults
  • Possibility to display your Discord server on your profile
  • The API allows to upload multiple 3D models to the Cults platform in bulk

September 2022

  • Additional filtering & sorting options (except for search results): has a makes, by date of update, is on promotion
  • Typography evolution
  • Addition of Youtube Shorts as an accepted video format
  • Reinforcement of the anti-banking fraud system
  • Best 3D files of the category are displayed on the pages, on design suggestions part
  • Updated the list of its downloads in the personal account settings

August 2022

  • Implementation of a validation email when the member wants to change his main email
  • On comments and messages, the shortcut cmd+enter allows to submit the comment or the answer to the comment
  • Moderation system reinforcement regarding the designs posted on the site
  • In the API, designers now have access to their sales list

July 2022

  • Implementation of a sticky menu on the main navigation bar
  • New drop-down menu to access and manage your personal space
  • Creation of a page listing all the best sales of the platform
  • Send an email to all subscribers of a designer when he/she uploads a new file
  • Set up an email sent at D+7 inviting members who bought a file to post a make
  • Better management of currency fluctuations related to the designer's selling price

June 2022

  • Creation of the page listing the best sales of the site
  • Adding filter options to the Categories pages
  • The detail of the content of the ZIP files shared on the platform is now displayed and readable in the "3D Design Format - Folder Detail" section
  • The option allowing designers to create promotional campaigns (discounts) on their paid models is now available

May 2022

  • Release of the functionality to publish designs in "secret mode": invisible to all except those who have the link to the page
  • The options for sharing on social networks and by email have been combined under a single "Share" button

April 2022

  • Added feature for sellers to request a refund for one of their customer orders
  • Added display of the number of comments and makes on the design pages

March 2022

  • Filter creations by category & search results by tags only on the API
  • Ability to publish design selections via the public/private collection option
  • Functionality allowing designers to organize their designs thematically on their profile through the public collection feature
  • Add total number of results to the API’s list of designs

February 2022

  • New credit card payment form via PayPal
  • Integration of the new PayPal payment API

January 2022

  • Adding an additional language: complete translation of the site into Russian
  • New drop-down menu on designs so that as a designer you can more quickly change the price, reactivate a design or download it

December 2021

  • New invoice format and possibility to download invoices directly from your personal account or from the order confirmation page
  • Add the "Collection" option allowing users to privately save 3D files and categorize them according to their desired theme
  • Possibility to start a cart on one device (phone for example) and finish it on another (computer for example) as soon as you are connected to your Cults account

November 2021

  • Creation of pages listing all the Makes linked to a 3D file
  • Integration of the Polygona 3D customization API allowing to customize a selection of 3D files and to download them

October 2021

  • When registering, each character typed is checked to see if the username is available and the availability is displayed directly in the field
  • Implementation of a drop-down menu to edit designs more easily via direct access to: description, price / license, download or deletion
  • Integration of the messaging system in the Community menu

September 2021

  • Set up sorting options on the designers' profiles in order to classify their different designs
  • Adding a new form in "My Account" to fill out information on his legal identity

August 2021

  • Added an additional language: complete translation of the site into German
  • New social sharing possibilities on the creation pages via the Reddit option
  • Display on the creation pages of the list of files that are in the download

June 2021

  • It is now possible to add a like on comments / messages and their replies
  • Reporting system improvement
  • Ability to directly reply to a comment or a message
  • Implementation of "Message" button on member profiles
  • Added GitHub Login solution to connect and register
  • Display reasons for cancelled sales in the designer personal account
  • Quarantine sales for 30 days before validation

May 2021

  • Implementation of PayPal Check-out payment solution

March 2021

  • Allow members to unsubscribe from email notifications with a single click from the email footer

February 2021

  • "Dark Mode" deployment: an option allowing users to display Cults in dark version
  • Add of the liked creations filter in Cults API
  • Add a filter in the commands to display only purchases

January 2021

  • Implementation of a new online payment system: Stripe
  • Added an option allowing designers to automatically inform their clients if they have updated their 3D files
  • New pop-in indicating an item addition in the cart
  • * To download a file that you have already purchased, click on the Download button on the file page to display a message with a link to the order placed without having to pay again

December 2020

  • Creation of a badge to display a creation summary on a Cults page. Using the code [creation CREATION-SLUG]

November 2020

  • Addition of new currencies: BGN - CHF - CZK - DKK - HRK - HUF - NOK - NZD - PLN - RON - SEK
  • New information "Date of publication" & "Date of updates" are available on the creations
  • YouTube videos now appear with the photos on the creations pages and can be played directly on Cults
  • Possibility to add your TikTok account on your Cults profile

October 2020

  • Taking into account the quotation marks in the search bar to be able to refine and reduce the search field
  • In the designers' personal account, it is now possible to download the ZIP file as it is uploaded by its makers customers
  • Adding a filter option on the "Community" page to be able to segment Notifications and News
  • If there is a payment error, creation of a fallback system via the use of a link
  • Call to action buttons reorganization on the creation pages: "download, like, save, make" buttons are larger and more easily accessible on all devices
  • 3D viewer button removal in favor of thumbnails appearing under the photos
  • Photo and 3D thumbnails are now visible on a single line via the use of scrolling arrows
  • Better view of photos and 3D renderings in the full-screen viewer

September 2020

  • Reinforced protection on the "Naughties" category

August 2020

  • Moving Makes associated with a creation at the bottom of the page and mosaic style graphic processing
  • Sorting option on the results pages linked to the tags

July 2020

  • Ability to hide the downloads in the order history from the personal account
  • Display of other Makes from the same 3D model in the Makes section
  • Addition of the currency KRW, Korean Won in the choice of currencies
  • New payment system for designers more convenient: a payout request button in the personal account

May 2020

  • Migration of the platform's web servers to a brand new & more efficient architecture
  • Set up of an additional filter in the search results: display only the 3D models that were part of a Cults "Featuring"

April 2020

  • Adding star rating system on Makes
  • Display of the collections associated with a 3D file on the creation pages

March 2020

  • Creating an option in the personal account to hide the "Naughty" category
  • Setting up filters in the search results. Display only "Free" and "Safe" 3D models
  • Display of the creations size (X-Y-Z) on the product pages when the creation has only one STL file
  • Possibility to see the Makes photos in full screen

February 2020

  • Redesign and improvement of the credit card payment system
  • Implementation of 3D Secure security system for online payments

January 2020

  • Added an option to display a donation button on his Cults profile ((, BuyMeACoffee, etc.)
  • Slight reorganization of the home page on the Cults selection and the most popular files.
  • Addition of new currencies according to the current exchange rates and applied automatically according to the customers' origin: Japanese Yen (JPY), Chinese Yuan (RMB), Argentine Peso (ARS), Mexican Peso (MXN), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Brazilian Real (BRL), Russian Rouble (RUB), Australian Dollar (AUD) and Indian Rupee (INR).
  • Automatic Thingiverse synchronization tool is now online: all designers who have published and will publish 3D models on Thingiverse can import them automatically to their Cults profile just by entering their Thingiverse username in their Cults personal account.

December 2019

  • Adding new currency according to the current exchange rates and applied automatically according to the customers' origin: British pound (GBP).
  • Designers can now deactivate their own posted creations.
  • Addition of a feature to fill in social profiles, personal sites and contact email displayed on user public profiles via specific pictograms.
  • A system has been made to automatically identify duplicate STL files posted on two different pages by two different authors.

November 2019

  • New download confirmation page that allows users to download orders in multiple separate .ZIP folders to avoid large .ZIP to download.
  • Addition of the BuySellAds advertising system displaying ads validated by AdBlock.
  • Display of the sales number on the sales summary generated in the designers' personal account.

October 2019

  • Acceptance of new 3D file formats through the uploader. Here is the list of extensions allowed in addition: 3mf, amf, blend, bmp, f3d, fcstd, mtl, obj, pdf, scad, sdf, skp, step, stl, zip, ppt, word, txt, dae, 3ds, x3d, ply, svg, psd, ai, eps.

September 2019

  • Integration of the Astroprint API allowing to teleport a 3D file into the online 3D slicing tool directly from Cults.

August 2019

  • Feature allowing to Zoom on the pictures by displaying the photos in Full Screen
  • Increase of creations main images size on Desktop and Mobile
  • New 3D File formats accepted in the Uploader

July 2019

  • Feature allowing to Rate a creation (maximum 5 stars)

June 2019

  • Possibility to remove VAT for companies with an Intracommunity VAT number

May 2019

  • Possibility to enter a different PayPal address from own Cults email address
  • Added new Social Logins buttons

March 2019

  • Feature allowing to Save a creation
  • Setting up a chat to discuss with Cults

February 2019

  • New Page 404 :)

January 2019

  • Statistics of the views number on the Creations pages
  • New version of Cults API

December 2018

  • Possibility to request the deletion of your 3D models
  • Presentation of the best designers on the home page
  • Display of the balance, still to be transferred and transfer date in the My Sales section

November 2018

  • Addition of new suggestions regarding Creations to download for Cross Shopping
  • Addition of Thematic Collections in the Categories pages

October 2018

  • Ability to delete its Comment
  • Launch of the Best Designers' Ranking

August 2018

  • System allowing Designers to automatically import their Thingiverse creations on Cults

April 2018

  • Use of Deepl translation system

May 2018

  • Integration of All3DP API allowing to compare the different prices of 3D prints online

December 2017

  • Integration of a blog on the platform

October 2017

  • Page to see all the monthly newsletters sent
  • Creation of pages allowing to organize 3D Modeling and 3D Printing Contests
  • Launch of the 3D file thematic Collections pages

September 2017

  • Display of Downloads and Likes statistics on the Creations pages
  • Display of new mini-slide blocks on the home page
  • Possibility to export your sales and download statistics in CSV format

August 2017

  • Display of the Best Sales of the category on the Categories pages

May 2017

  • Display of prices including VAT according to the location of the buyer

April 2017

  • Addition of information regarding the 3D file format on the creation page (STL, OBJ, ZIP, etc.)

March 2017

  • Added functionality to post Makes of 3D files uploaded to Cults
  • Creation of the page allowing to request 3D Modeling on Demand

February 2017

  • Launch of the special "Gift Guides" pages

January 2017

  • Launch of the V2 of "My sales" section in the personal space

October 2016

  • Added the most downloaded files on the home page
  • Added best sellers of 3D files on the home page

August 2016

  • Addition of the "Random" feature

April 2016

  • Setting up filters for search results
  • Integration of the 3D printing API iMaterialise

February 2016

  • Launch of Spanish version of the site

November 2015

  • Adding popular 3D files to the home page
  • Creation of the "Press" page

October 2015

  • Passage of the site in https

June 2015

  • Integration of Authentication API
  • Integration of 3D Hubs API

April 2015

  • Launch of Promotions pages

March 2015

  • Addition of the last updated files on the home page

February 2015

  • Creation of the Partners page

November 2014

  • Creation of the 3D viewer made in Cults

October 2014

  • Adding a RSS Cults feed

April 2014

  • Creation of the "My Sales" section in the personal space

March 2014

  • Addition of sharing buttons on social networks