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Tips for sharing 3D files

Have you just published one or more of your 3D models on Cults? Congratulations!! It's super cool to share your ideas with our makers community and 3D printing enthusiasts.
In order to allow you to take full advantage of our platform, we have listed a small series of tips. It is about things you can do to maximize your profit.
By following these tips you will be sure to reach out the maximum of people who would likely to be interested by your creations.


Jeu concours imprimante 3D 3D Cults BCN3D

1. Share your creations on social networks

Tell your community and invite them to see and download the 3D files you published on Cults. You can use the share buttons on your pages.

2. Use specialized groups, forums and blogs

Many 3D printers owners are looking for new STLs to print, post your work in these specialized groups or on your blog (if you have one). Here is a list of the best forums, Facebook groups and communities that are 3D printing related and a great thread on Reddit.

3. Make a video to show your talent

If you can show the entire making process to your customers it's great! Post your video on YouTube or Vimeo. Do not forget to quote the 3D file with a link in the description of the video. To inspire you here is a list of the best YouTube channels in the 3D printing world

4. Upload a gif on your product page

Cults accepts the Gif and it is a super friendly, dynamic and educational format that explains a working process!

5. Set pictures of the object when printed

The makers are more reassured and convinced if they see that the 3D model has already been 3D printed. Do not hesitate taking pictures of your achievements. You can even share photos of your makes in our dedicated section.

6. Adjust the price according to the results

If you see that your creation has trouble selling, do not hesitate to try another price. Look at the price of similar creations to yours and look at their number of downloads to see if it should be inspiring. Also check out the profiles of other designers to see the amount of their sales. Can be inspiring!

7. Make sure you describe your 3D model well

Do not skimp on descriptive texts, give as many details as possible and think of putting your keywords in the title. The majority of your customers used search engines like Google or specialized 3D models search engines like Yeggi to find you. The keywords and your text content are really important.

8. Make sure your description is well translated

On Cults pages are available in French, English and Spanish; the translations are automatic so do not hesitate to edit your creation by changing the language (buttons in the top right of the site) and translating more precisely. You can ask us to translate a page as well, by sending us its URL.

9. Make yourself known in the Cults network

Follow community members, interact with other designers by commenting on their creations and send messages to the makers by visiting their profiles.

10. Make sure your creations are as exclusive as possible on Cults

We regularly highlight on the home page, in our selection, on social networks or in our monthly newsletter our favorite 3D files. The more exclusive they are (only available on Cults), the more likely they are to be featured.


Jeu concours imprimante 3D 3D Cults BCN3D

We recommend that you follow these good practices to boost the popularity of your STL files. You will be able to increase the number of downloads and likes, whether on paid or free 3D files. If you see other ideas or questions do not hesitate to write to us.