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Why publish my designs on Cults? List of advantages and benefits.

Cults best place for 3D printing STL files

Are you looking for a platform to share your 3D models for 3D printing but also for laser cutting and CNC machines? Cults is the best solution to both share your digital files for free and to sell them.

Here are the many reasons why Cults is the best platform to share your 3D models with the 3D printer and maker community. Our platform allows you to sell your designs, but it also allows you to maximize the impact and visibility of your free 3D files!

💬 1. Cults is here to listen to you and to discuss.

If there are missing options or features on the platform, if you need a helping hand or an idea, we're available to all designers and we do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

📩 2. Your files will be downloaded and 3D printed many times.

Our community of over 6 million maker members are always looking for new things and are bound to be there when you post your creations on the platform. Cults members, after downloading your designs, are invited to post a photo of their print. You will then be notified as soon as someone has 3D printed your design and posted a photo on the site. You can follow all the published Makes on Cults.

🫂 3. You will be able to know, follow and chat with all the makers on Cults who download your digital objects.

On Cults, there are no fake uploads generated by robots! Each upload of your creation is associated with a real account registered on Cults. So you can follow and easily identify all the members and customers who like your work and get in touch with each one to exchange. The Community part of the site allows you to see the activities of the members you are subscribed to.

🤑 4. You can earn money with your 3D files.

Cults allows you to sell your 3D models (STL, OBJ, 3MF, DXF...) and get 80% on each sale made. There is no fixed fee, nor subscription ! Sharing designs on Cults is 100% free and will not cost anything. The more downloads you generate, the more money you earn! You'll have the ability to run promotional campaigns on your designs by applying a discount but also to share "secret" designs with your community.

✊ 5. Cults is the only truly independent 3D file sharing platform.

Unlike its main competitors, Cults is not part of a group of 3D printer manufacturers. So the designs you share or upload on Cults will not be used for commercial purposes. It will never be, as with some, a catalog of 3D files used as a pre-sale to sell products and services marketed by the group. Cults is the only 100% independent player in the sector and we know that this is important for you designer !

🌎 6. Cults is an international site accessible in several languages.

To increase the visibility of your designs Cults allows you to reach the whole world. The site but also all the descriptions of your creations are translated into several languages. You just have to write in your native language and Cults will translate everything automatically.

Cults best place for 3D printing STL files 3

🎨 7. You can participate in free contests around 3D printing.

In order to push you further in your creativity, Cults frequently organizes contests around various themes. All you have to do is to model designs related to the theme to try to win prizes (filaments, 3D printers, vouchers, 3D scanners...). It's a nice way to challenge yourself with other designers! You'll also be able to track your position in the top 100 designers ranking on Cults.

😘 8. Your 3D files will look great.

Thanks to our top 3D files collections and thanks to our community of makers who share photos of their 3D prints your designs will be perfectly showcased. We change our Home Page daily to showcase a maximum of objects and designers. You can also categorize your 3D models by creating collections yourself and posting them on your designer profile.

🤝 9. Cults guides and advises you to get your work recognized.

We offer many tutorials to share your 3D creations on the site and maximize their impact, here for example our guide of good practices to sell and share on Cults. You can also find our 3D printing software toolbox and finally our Cults blog which gathers interesting and practical articles about 3D printing and the maker world.

🗣️ 10. The best 3D files are shared daily on our social networks.

In order to give you always more visibility, we share the best 3D models every day on our social networks and newsletters. This increases your downloads and sales because our social media communities (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest & Reddit) include thousands of people related to 3D printing and DIY. If you fill in your social profiles on your Cults account, we'll quote you to gain fans!

Don't take our word for it, go find out what some very famous designers think of Cults (all opinions are genuine 😉 )!

Cults best place for 3D printing STL files 2

If these few points have convinced you, know that we would be very happy to welcome you on Cults! To register, it's super simple and free, just click on this button:

Register / Login

If you want to know a little more about us before you make your decision, no problem! These few pages will give you a more comprehensive view:

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