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This is why 3D printers are the future

3D printing started as a niche development in which not many believed but were quickly proven wrong. These printers were first patented all the way back in 1986 and were first commercialized a few years after. They have exponentially grown to a point where they can even be commonly found in people's homes.

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How to avoid filament breakage in your 3D printer?

This can be a very annoying problem if it occurs several hours after you start printing. Some materials have a lower elongation at break than others, which means they break more easily. Almost all carbon fiber blends break extremely easily and require the use of a Teflon-PTFE tube to guide the filament and prevent breakage during printing.

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Learn How to Get Started With 3D Printing in Ceramics

This is a guest blog on printing in ceramics by Taekyeom Lee, an interdisciplinary artist. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. His latest research explores unconventional methods of creating three-dimensional type. This includes working with materials and techniques unique to type design — like ceramics and various analog and digital craft techniques. As a part of his research, he built a 3D printer and designed his own paste extruder to produce intricate 3D ceramic type and objects.

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