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How to calibrate a 3D printer in 5 Steps

3D printing hobbyists will attest to the steep learning curve required to proficiently use the technology and associated software. One of the most difficult parts of said learning curve is calibrating the machine. Here we will go over the basic calibration procedure required for 3D printers. This article is written from the perspective of using Printrbot simple and Repetier and assumes the user has digital calipers, ruler, tape, and filament at their disposal. If the reader does not use Printrbot simple and Repetier there is no issue, any printer/software combo will suffice.

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How To Set Up A 3D Printer In 4 Steps

Getting a new 3D printer is an exciting moment for anyone, and you likely just want to get started with it. However, printers set up in a haphazard or rushed manner often produce poor results and can end up with unresolvable mechanical faults, so it pays off to start carefully. To make sure your printer is set up to work perfectly, here are 4 easy-to follow steps. Naturally, you should always consult your specific model’s manual before performing any assemblage or alterations.

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Amazing Things You Can Print With a 3D Printer

3D printing has come a long way. The first 3D printer was invented in 1983. However, this invention started to be used more and more in recent years. Starting from 2011, it has become something that one can use at home to create various objects and even art.

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