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How 3D Printing Will Change The Fashion Industry

Technology has changed how the world works. Now, people enjoy the convenience of buying a product that they like with their mobile phones at home and so much more. Furthermore, the internet has made possible the easy exchange of ideas, which in turn revolutionized how individuals and groups interact with one another.

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How to Make Your Own Watch Using 3D Printing

The 3D printing technology has revolutionized the way things are built including timepieces. Yes, you can now design your own watch and print it using a 3D printer. With this, you can customize your watch and decide how colorful or how easy or complicated it’ll look. Making your own watch can now be done at home.

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Rick Sanchez's 3D printed mask

Rick Sanchez is the main character in the Rick & Morty series. In just two seasons, this series has already become legendary, and is the talk of the Internet!

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