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How Beauty Brands Utilize 3D Printing


Women are ready to keep their diets and go in for sports daily because they want to look gorgeous for themselves and others. And this idea lies in the demand for cosmetics as well. Girls watch new trends and rush to try all the magical means that promise them great results in the shortest times possible. One such novelty is 3D printing that has already proved itself from good sides in medicine and other life spheres. And since it is suitable for helping people solve health issues, the chances are high that it can demonstrate amazing results in the beauty industry. Indeed, it is always not just about appearance but self-esteem and improvement of life quality. Well, talking about the latter, if you spend some time studying papers owl reviews, you will also improve your life and find more free time for the things you like. It is not surprising cosmetics brands have started utilizing 3D printing to meet the needs of their customers.

 How Beauty Brands Utilize 3D Printing

Ethical cosmetics testing

You might know that cosmetics testing is a stumbling block for many brands, especially now when many people reject using products that have been tested on animals. Thus, they should either turn a blind eye to this fact or find innovative ways to test their cosmetics without harming animals and nature. And it is when 3D printing comes to the rescue since it can create printed skin with epidermis and dermis. Some beauty brands like Chanel and L’Oréal have already been using printed skin for a while to test their products and cut testing costs. People hope that this technology will contribute to developing a customized approach to creating cosmetics.

3D printed makeup

The modern pace of life doesn’t leave space for “slow motion.” Women are used to drinking coffee on the go, doing online shopping, and learning new languages in a traffic jam, but when it comes to makeup, applying it in a hurry can be a challenge. Manufacturers have created a portable device for applying foundation makeup right on your skin, so you don’t need to allocate much time for it. More precisely, an in-built mechanism scans your face, determines its contours and skin tone. Then the printer creates three makeup layers – primer, foundation, and color makeup. The great news is that you need only about one minute, so you will have enough time to read a proessaywriting review or do some other tasks.

Customized 3D makeup

 How Beauty Brands Utilize 3D Printing

Who didn’t dream of getting the required make up in 15 seconds? If you are fond of makeup, then you would like to get a customized approach. And a mix of makeup and ink can help you get what you want. If you are green and try to avoid using plastic wherever possible, you will be pleased to have a chance to print your makeup on a thin piece of paper. The very device is named Mink, and you can control it via the special application. For example, you can pick up a pic and print either the whole image or just a suitable color. And voila, you have a whole palette of printed makeup in less than a minute. It contains eye shadow, powder, blush, etc.

3D printed mascara brush

While many companies continue to advertise “unique” mascaras that add incredible volume to your eyelashes, others have already been using innovations and 3D printing to improve their products. Thus, the world-famous beauty brand Chanel has been utilizing 3D printing in their mascara brush. This technology helps create a brand-new brush, which can provide you with smooth and even application. Besides, you don’t need to re-dip your brush over and over again. It has been the first true change since the early 1900s, when the world saw the first mascara brush. If you cannot afford this “revolutionary” brush but want to give it a try, you can study edubirdie reviews to develop a plan on how to meet this challenge.

Advanced skincare routine

The modern world has its requirements, and customization is one of the biggest trends. Everyone wants to get something unique and well-tailored. And 3D printing has made a huge step forward in these terms. Thus, a brand-new face mask, MaskiD, allows you to meet your skin’s requirements and cope with various issues. The special self-titled app becomes your main helper. You should either scan your face or take a selfie to allow the program to determine your main problems and provide recommendations. So, the printed mask will be created specifically according to your needs.

A cure for hair loss

Such a problem is not life-threatening, but it can decrease your self-confidence, especially when dealing with the opposite sex. Thus, many companies are working on the creation of a remedy capable of solving this issue. And while many celebs seem to feel great being bold, many people continue to resort to hair transplantation. However, it is not a permanent solution since people need to treat Propecia for all their lives, and their new hair will continue to fall out. So, they will have to undergo a huge number of operations and spend a pretty penny on the donor’s hair. And 3D printing can become a safety ring. The researchers have discovered a method that allows “print” stem cells. While the ordinary transplantation is limited by the number of hair follicles available in the donor’s area, you have endless possibilities here.

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