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Why is Cults banned from the r/3DPrinting Reddit thread?

When Cults started we would often share Cults designs in the r/3DPrinting thread to promote the work of the best designers on our platform, especially for the designers who didn’t have the reflex to use Reddit. Since this was a kind of advertising for our website, the moderators asked us to stop, which we did.

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3D Printing Munich and Cults: The Perfect Combination for Your 3D Printing Projects

3D printing is a modern technology that allows you to turn digital models into physical objects. With 3D printing, you can turn your ideas into reality quickly and easily, whether you are a hobbyist, a designer, an engineer or an entrepreneur. But how do you find a good online 3D printing service provider that meets your needs? In this article, we would like to introduce you to an online 3D printing service that stands out for its high quality, affordable prices and fast delivery: 3D Printing Munich is an online 3D printing service with Germany-wide shipping.

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