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7 main factors in getting the perfect 3D printing first layer

The importance of the first layer is paramount and will usually determine if your model is going to fail later in the build or not. Too many people do not give enough attention to all of the details to get the right first layer. Once that you do, so many of your problems will disappear and your printing will become fun and much more predictable!

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5 proofs that you are obsessed with 3D printing

You see 3D printing everywhere! Even more than any other hobby, 3D printing can really become an obsession. Indeed, the current 3D printers still require some adjustments to function well and especially not badly of monitoring in the event of fail print.

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How to recycle or reuse your fail prints?

This article lists various solutions to recycle or reuse your failed 3D prints, also referred to by the fail prints community. There are acceptable and creative ideas but also some good jokes imagined by the community!

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