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« My genius would be nothing without Cults. » L. Da Vinci

Download Cults' 3D masterpieces and unleash the artist that lies dormant within you. Get all the latest art related free STL models: fan art, sculpture, low poly, animals and so many more!

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3D printing is becoming more and more important in the creative process of artists. That's what inspired us to create this category with free 3D printer files but also paid 3D models for printing. You will find here a wide variety of art creations to make with your 3D printer. There are of course elements related to traditional art such as sculpture, nudes or graffiti representations. But you will also find more recent forms of creation like "math-art" or parametric creation.

In addition to conventional art, a new form of creation has emerged: digital art. STL files present on the Cults 3D platform are the direct emanation of this. These designs are the artist's vision, but you are the one who will give the final touch to these works by printing them. The choice of printing parameters, the color of your filament spool and the size will allow you to act on the final result and thus directly on the artist's work.

Just take a look at our 3D printing models download platform to discover all that this technology allows. This category is full of fan art of pokemon in 3D or Batman, Star Wars, etc. Look for anything you can think of and you can be sure that a designer will have thought of it!