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« Our family jewels are now available on Cults. » Q. Elizabeth II

Want to get dressed to the nines and make people jealous? Find exclusive free 3D models for jewelry, thanks to the Cults community – bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and many more and make them with your 3D printer.

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3D printing has revolutionized many sectors, but if there is one that has really changed its face following the arrival of this technology, it is the jewelry industry. Indeed, it is now possible to 3D print jewelry via powder sintering for example, but it is also possible - thanks to other technologies - to make full-bleed patterns to 3D print gold, silver or bronze jewelry.

What is true for luxury jewelry, is also true for fantasy jewelry made of less noble materials. It is even more obvious that it is now easy to 3D print your own jewelry, necklace, rings and earrings at home. The process is as follows, first of all you will have to get a 3D print file on Cults website. Then you will have to slicing this STL file in a software, that will allow you to select its printing parameters (size, filling, resistance...). And finally, select the color of the filament spool and start your printing.

In addition to being able to make great custom creations at home, 3D printing could allow you to create your own small business. All you have to do is put your creations on sale on the Internet. You can also earn money by selling your 3D printing files on Cults.