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Cults is a marketplace that connects designers and people who want to 3D print some objects.

Cults is dedicated to all owners of 3D printers who wish to make premium and original creations.

Because everyone doesn't have an artistic soul or the ability to use CAO 3D software, Cults highlights the work of these designers who will make 3D printing accessible to all.

Cults is a social network that brings together all the fans of the 3D printer world, so that they can interact with each other.

Cults also stands for generosity. Thanks to Promotions category, all 3D printing aficionados can find coupon codes to buy 3D printers, filaments, 3D scanners and many other accessories at the best prices.

So why such a name? Cults is an anacycle: read backwards it becomes St. Luc, patron saint of artists and sculptors. Read backwards you can also find .stl, the universal 3D format. In short, Cults, it seemed obvious to us.

Here is a brief summary of our facts and figures:

  • Created in 2014, Cults is the 1st independent platform in the 3D printable files market (we do not belong to a group).
  • Today, we have 3.09 million international makers members registered on our platform.
  • We welcome more than 6,000 new members every day.
  • The platform currently hosts 362 thousand printable designs and a community of 36.8 thousand designers specialized in 3D printing.
  • Our platform is visited more than 400,000 times per day and we have an audience of 13.5 million visits per month.
  • We have 23.5 million page views per month and 1.5 million unique visitors.
  • Our home page is viewed 2.3 million times per month.
  • We are translated into 3 languages: English, French, Spanish.
  • The geographic breakdown is as follows: 50% Europe - 40% Americas - 10% Asia

We are a very small team of 3 highly motivated French guys :

Thanks to Thomas without whom the site would not stand, and to Laure and Manon for contributing to the site.