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P. Stark

Furnish your house with 3D design items only available on Cults, and enthrall all your guests! Check out all our free 3D STL files of mugs, furniture, decorative items, garden accessories, and everything related to home decorating.

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This category does not mean that you will find 3D models of real houses to be 3D printed, although there are some that are accessible on our 3D Cults file download platform. Here it is rather useful 3D models in STL, OBJ or 3MF format in your house. They are obviously divided into several categories depending on their use and the room of the house in which they will be present.

There is something to decorate your home and give it a very modern touch. For example, we have a lot of 3D print files of lamps or vases. There is also something to honor your friends or your family via superb 3D printed photo frames. Of course, 3D designers have gone beyond the limits of common objects and come up with incredible creations that are perfectly 3D printable, such as hanging keys or creating beautiful cookies. As you can see, there is a huge variety of proposals in this category!

What we like most at Cults 3D are the really useful free 3D print models for everyday use. They prove that 3D printing technology is not just for small decorative objects. You will be amazed by the furniture, shelves, tables and chairs designed and printed in 3D. All these incredible files are available for free or for a fee on our website.

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