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AMIMONO, a line of 3D printed clothing for everyday use

Obviously 3D printed fashion is a thing. We've already seen 3D printed heels (hard to wear), sports shoes, very stylish dresses and even lingerie. Until now, all of these initiatives have come from high fashion or sports prototypes, so far from our everyday needs. 3D printed clothes were confined to fashion shows or advertising purposes. Designers continue to work towards the day when 3D printed fashion becomes a mass-market offering. A Japanese company may be speeding things up, by launching real 3D printed clothing. This project is intended to introduce a future standard for everyday life.


Masaharu Ono of Free-D is a talented designer known for his creative approach to fashion and technology. He is collaborating with the company STARTed to create the AMIMONO clothing line, a concept of real 3D printed clothing, a project unlike anything we've seen so far in the3D printing community.

"This is an actual garment created with a 3D printer."



The idea was to create a knitted product. The vest with connected materials is worn to complement other traditional pieces of clothing. Ono explains that the team was able to create the piece through 3D modeling and the creation of a special algorithm that was then used to create a seamless woven pattern.

"The garment was modeled as if it had been knitted with yarn inside 3D software."



They then used a soft TPU material capable of providing a new level ofelasticity. The result is a garment that has the feel of the fabric. With this production method, the designer says, it will be possible to create ready-to-wear for everyday use.
The material offers a rare flexibility with capacities of expansion and contraction, as well as foldability. For the moment the AMIMONO collection presents only one piece: the 3D printed vest. A line that is both elegant and versatile, that will offer future possibilities for customization and will offer a material that will stand the test of time to overcome wear and tear.

So will 3D printing change the way you dress every day?

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