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🚁 Best STL files for 3D printed drones

Find here a selection of the best drones 3D models to make with a 3D printer

Download free drones 3D files

Find out a selection of the best drones to make with a 3D printer. 3D printing is a world full of creativity and innovation. One of the most widespread uses are DIY drones. Nothing better than putting hours of work into a project and finally being able to fly your 3D printed done, like a real pilot! A true paradise for all the makers and UAV fans!

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Here is our selection of the best UAV STL files, all these engines come from the 3D file library Cults and are perfectly 3D printable.

This collection includes free 3D files of drones of all kinds. There are many models of spare parts which can be 3D printed and which will allow all DIYers to make their own identified flying objects: propellers, shells for engines, protections for cables...

The drone market, like the 3D printing market, experienced a big boom on the professional market but also among individuals. The 3D printing will then make it possible to personalize some parts and also to make lower the price by printing even parts.