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Swivel Nozzle for Jet Engine, 3 Bearing Type, [Phase 1]

3D model description

This is the Swivel Nozzle called 3 Bearing Swivel Nozzle (3BSN) for Jet Engine for the recent STOL Fighter.
For STOL, 3 Lifting Forces are used as follows;
[Front] “Lifting Fan Unit” driven by Engine.
[Sides] “Bleed Air Ducts” bleeding from Engine Compressor.
[Rear] “3 Bearing Swivel Nozzle” directed Engine Exhaust. --- ●This Model
Unfortunately I never see the actual unit, then this is designed only my imagination.
Swivel Nozzle for Jet Engine, 3 Bearing Type

This model was designed in order to understand what the elements are required and how to move to get STOL position.

A. Design points:
This model consists of 4 Phases to get my Target Model.
- Phase 1 - Basic Model. Each BRG can be turned individually by Knob. ●
- Phase 2 - #2 & 3 BRGs are geared to synchronize and can be turned by 2 Hands.
- Phase 3 - All BRGs are connected with Gearbox and can be turned by Single Knob.
- Phase 4 - Phase 4 + Additional GB. This is my Target Model to turn Single Lever.

[Note] For Phase 2~4 Model, Proto type model was made, but I am still considering improvement to absorb the big movement of #2 & 3 BRG Gear Shaft Axis.
These will be uploaded in near future.

B. Assembly Manual (PDF format, total 13 pages)
The detail assembly manual including "Parts-List", "After printing treatment" and "Assembly procedure" are prepared based on "Standard Skill (Filing, Drilling, Tapping and painting)".

C. Download files includes;
- files: STL Files (15 items)
- “ws” of last 2 digits means “With Support” special designed.
- PDF(Zip) File: Assembly Manual

D. Purchase Parts Information; - See Assembly Manual
- Aluminum Tubes - φ9

- Screws
Micro screws M1.4x6L - Direct screw-in to 1 mm dia hole (No nut)
But there are many small parts, if you can get M1.4-P0.3 Tap, using it to make introducing thread is recommended.
Quantity of screws can be adjusted by your experience.

E. Total Net Print Time: Approx. 43 HR
- (Estimated as case of PLA, 0.4mm Nozzle, 0.2mm Layer Height, 40% infill and No raft and support)
Note: When at actual print, each parameter may be adjusted by your experience.
For parts having gear teeth, 100% infill and 0.2mm Layer Height are recommended.

3D printing settings

See above

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP



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