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Hi, I have I already bought this design file, but i want fully assembled file of this design, so can u please help me with that somehow.

The design that i bought is variable nozzle

Dear Afifa02

First of all, thank you for purchasing my model.
The reason why this is a cutaway model is as follows.
(1) My printer size limit
(2) When full assembly model, tools (fingers) for assembly cannot be accessed.
(3) Aim to be able to explain the mechanism of opening and closing

Therefore, I cannot manufacture and verify a full assembly model.
I heard that you can cancel within one month, so please consult with the community site (Cults).
I'm sorry that I couldn't meet your request.
Thank you for your message.

Ok, then can you please send me the un-meshed parts of this design, please help me with it. 😟

Dear Afifa02

I only provide "STL" files for all models.
I'm sorry that I couldn't meet your request.

Dear Adrianpatanao

As stated in the "Description" of this model, it is for just comparison of method to make reverse flow with my cascaded model and does not include the engine nacelle.
Please refer to "A.Design Points" for the relationship with the cascade model.
Thank you for your message.

Hello is this legit? I just want to make sure because I am new to this website

Dear AviationDawn

I design and make my own models based on information available on the Internet.
If you have any concerns, please ask directly on the community site (Cults).
Thank you for your message.

I would like to ask how big is the item when it is fully formed by the parts

Dear AviationDawn

Approximate sizes (Except Stand) are follows:
[Without Propeller] Length=190 Widtg=65 Height=105mm
[Withpropeller] length=240 width=140 Height=125mm
Thank you for message.

May I ask if the JET ENGINE, ROTABLE 2 SPOOL ROTORS functions like a 2 spool engine and how does it work?

Dear Chachac

This is a 40% scaled down remix of the awesome model below. ; Original by Makerbot ; My Remix version
I made the original downloaded file by 40% with Printer's slicer.

After that, I designed the parts to make 2 spools of the remix version and uploaded them below.

It is a very complicated model, and it is difficult to explain by email, so please go back to the original and grasp the whole image by yourself.
Thank you.

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that's all the answer I need, Thanks man, great work!

Thank you for your message.

Hi good day to you! I just want to ask a question about the printing of the parts since the 3d models have a multiple of different parts will that be as in in terms on printing and all the size will match one another. I'm not really super knowledgeable in terms of 3d modeling and printing and I'm planning to print the swash plate for my school project hopefully you can help me thanks

this is the design I'm trying to print for my school project

Dear M_lorenz02

First of all, thank you for purchasing my model.
This model (MRH) has about 40 purchase records, and if the printer is in good condition, I don't think there will be any difficult problems with printing or assembly.
However, since there are many small parts, careful attention is required.
If you have a problem, please be specific and I'll be happy to help.
Good luck with your school project.
Thank you for your message.

i was wondering if you could design a cascade reverser model that's a cutaway like your previous one and make it so it's functional?

Dear Troytfuhhioji

I'm not an English-speaking person, so I can't interpret your message correctly.
It would be helpful if you could make the message a little easier to understand.
By the way, my "cascade reverser model" is uploaded at the URL below.
If you haven't seen it yet, please take a look.
In the future, I have no plans to design a "cascade reverser model" other than the above.
Thank you for your message.

Hi Konchan,

I have been working on printing the JET ENGINE COMPONENT (2); AXIAL TURBINE model and running into some print failures with the supports that are included in the part models. Would it be possible to upload the versions without supports so I may generate my own before printing?

Thank you for the models!

Dear Jackmlopez

First of all, thank you for purchasing my model.
Each part is uploaded after trial and error, printing and assembly verification.
In my experience, the support created by the software that attaches with Slicer (including Meshmixer) is excellent, but it may be generated in extra places or broken during printing, so I often use my own support.
However, this model is an early model and I believe there is room for improvement.
If you can tell me a little more about the target parts and details of "Print Failure", I will also verify if there is a better method.
I apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your cooperation.
By the way, if you don't mind, please let me know what slicer software you're using.
Thank you for your message.

Thank you for the reply! For starters, I am using Prusaslicer and have good results with the supports generated either by specifying overhang angle, or painting the supports on. This removes issues of unwanted supports being generated.

The parts I have been having trouble with have been the Turb-Disk01ws.stl and the Turb-Nozzle-Case01ws.stl. Essentially the thin wall supports you have added cannot support themselves enough before they connect with the actual part, and they are easily knocked over by the friction with the hotend. I have simply been adding slicer-generated supports in between the wall supports to reinforce them. I think slicer generated supports alone would suffice in my case, since Prusaslicer supports are very good, but if you wanted to improve your current supports, I think connecting them together with a thin wall running perpendicular would help.

Thank you for the engagement and I am really enjoying the build so far.

Dear Jackmlopez

Thank you for your reply.
I immediately printed out the two parts you pointed out (below).
 Turb-Disk01ws.stl and the Turb-Nozzle-Case01ws.stl
As a result, I was able to print without problems.
I put a platform sheet on a glass plate, apply a stick of glue and print.
It is said that the thin support falls down, but it is presumed that the adhesion to the platform is weak.
I have used supports similar to this on many models, but this is the first time I have pointed out that a support like this will collapse.
However, for your convenience, I have additionally uploaded the non-supported STL (below) for this time only, so please use it.
 Turb-Disk01.stl, Turb-Nozzle-Case01.stl and Turb-Nozzle101.stl
I will take into account your opinions such as connecting support.
Thank you for your message.


Dear Linnassala

Engine : Approx. 220Lx80Dia. (Engine Only)
Dummy propeller ; approx. 55Lx130Dia.
Thank you for message.

it's millimeters right?

Yes. it's millimeters.

The Tse 3 is avery nice educational Model.
Is it possible to get an complete Step file from this Model.
I like to rebuild it in metal parts . With slm 3d printing .
Regards from Germany!

Dear Janf

Thank you for rating my model.
I can only provide STL files that have been confirmed by my FDM printer (PLA).
No plans for metal printing.
I apologize for not meeting your expectations.
Thank you for your message.

Do you have files for the Alison turboshaft model without the cutaways?

Dear Russelltrohan

I started designing on the premise of this cutaway model.
Therefore, I do not offer the model without cutaways.
Thank you for your message.

Dear Rodthebod

Thank you for your interest in my model and for purchasing it.
I was happy to see yourmodel photos.
However, this model is not a replica of "PT6 Engine", so labeling is at your own risk.
As I replied to you on July 22, 2020, I will not conduct commercial activities outside of Japan.
The main reason is that I am old and I am not familiar with the customs, languages and laws of countries other than Japan.
I'm sorry, but please use according to the current community terms.
How about a method for person who need this model to join the community members, purchase it, and you can act as a production agent?
Please discuss the production cost between that person and you.
This method also has advantages for me.
Please understand the above.
Thank you for your message.

Ok I understand. I have family(in japan) so maybe they can contact you but I see a way round the problem. i will buy another of the same model for each one I print. I am a LAME licenced on the PT6 and find the model very similar. But of course its not modelled on the PT6.

I would like to manufacture on a limited scale the PT6 gas turbine engine. The purpose is to provide educational material for a number of aircraft engineering training facilities. I currently work as an instructor in one of these training centers and have found this model absolutely brilliant to enable an explanation of gas turbine engine theory. So I would like to ask if you would consider my request and potentially any royalty you would consider appropriate.

Please refer my answer to your latest message today. Thank you.

hola buen dia como estas, hace un parde dias compre el turbofan, no encontre dentro de los archivos las carcasas exteriores y los conectores que son para empotrar la pieza.puedes ayudarme con esto por favor gracias

Dear Camachoangi1960

First of all, thank you for purchasing "Turbofan Engine, for Business Aircraft, Cutaway".
I downloaded it earlier, but I was able to download all 29 STL files.
There is "Assy-Charts01.pdf" in the download file, so please specify "Index" or "STL File" to clarify the parts you are pointing out.
Also, you may be able to solve it by downloading it again.
I don't understand Spanish, so I will answer in "English".
Thank you.

I purchased the propeller governor model, and I'm wondering where you bought the spring. I can't find it online.

Dear Lpsabin

First of all, thank you for purchasing my model.
The spring was purchased from a machine parts mail order site in Japan at that time.
Just in case, I searched "Amazon Japan", which I often use, and found the following product (made in China) today.
Outer diameter 20 mm, wire diameter 1.2 mm, total height 35 mm 10 pieces 835 yen.
The wire diameter is small, but I think it can be used for the purpose of this model.
Please refer to. Thank you very much.

Do you have (are are you developing) an STL file for the GE F414-400 Engine ?

Dear Drewism

First of all, thank you for purchasing my model.
I don't have STL file for the GE F414-400 engine.
I'm interested in the category of "2 Spool Engine with Afterburner", but I can't develop it for the time being because the production schedule is currently full.
I'm sorry I couldn't meet your expectations.
Thank you for your message.

Can you please send me a message with a direct link to the 3D models. Thanks

Dear Tomcatz2

I can't find a message method linked to a 3D model on the Cults site.
I have asked Cult3d to publish it, so I will continue to use the system on this site.
When sending a message, please clearly describe the 3D model name, parts, etc.
Thank you

hello , sorry if i ask a lot of question, i just really want the heli powertrain to work. for the pipes needed, in your given diameter did you include the outer of the pipe or it is just the diameter itself?? can we use another type of pipe? or you can suggest any alternative? thank u so much , it means a lot to me

Dear Iacrizelle

Thank you for making my models.
The following aluminum pipes are required for "Heli-Powertrain" related models.
Outside Diameter φ4 (TRH), 5 (ENG), 6 (MRH Stick, Powertrain), 7 (ENG), 8 (MRH Stick, Powertrain)
All have the wall thickness of 0.5 mm.
In Japan, I can buy products with lengths of 300, 600, 1000 mm at home improvement stores or DIY shops, and cut them to the required length for use.
As an alternative, it can be used as long as it is made of metal such as copper or brass and has the same size.
Thank you for the message.

I love the fan blade and hub design. Any chance you can make a completely circular hub (one piece) for a full set of fan blades. I want to build the inlet fan as a unit. Thanks. Pete

Dear Tomcatz2

Thank you for your interest in my model.
The model that expresses the type of fan blade is mainly a blade, and the hub is designed for exhibition.
Because of my printer size limit and exhibition space limit.
Should your preferred model be "jet-engine-component-5-1-fan-metal-blade-with-snubber"?
If so, I will consider designing a circular hub in the future.
Please leave it to me when it will be completed.

Dear Tomcat z2

You should have received a notification from Cults that the One-Piece type of Fan disk for "jet-engine-component-5-1-fan-metal-blade-with-snubber" has been uploaded. (2022.07.14)
I also uploaded "jet engine component; fan, metal blade, pin / rivet type" for your reference.
Thank you.

Hello, do you mean plain bearing in the indication full metal bearing??

Dear Iacrizelle

"Plain bearing" is a general term for "sliding contact bearing", "solid bearing", "journal bearing" or "friction bearing".
Please search for "Plain bearing" on "Wikipedia" for more information.
Thank you for your message.

Hi can you make a 22 fan blade of this? If ever and where can i find the tip, stripe and the spinner of this file? Thanks and i love your 3d work

Dear Latchytan

Thank you for your interest in my model.
(A) 22 blades Fan: This is not a specific "Trent Engine" model, so there are no plans to make it at this time.
I'm sorry I couldn't meet your request.
(B) Spinner, stripe: Please refer to the following URL.
Thank you for your message.

thank you for your quick replies. what is the meaning of "L" in some of the screws cos i'm having a hard time finding it

Dear Iacrizelle

The screw size "L" is an abbreviation for "length".
[Example] M2x10L: Thread = M2, 10mm Length
If "L" is not described, it is a description error. excuse me
Thank you.

thank you so much for the clarification.

hi konchan, may i ask what is the scale of your helicopter powertrain ?

Dear Iacrizelle

First of all, thank you for purchasing a lot of powertrain models.
Now, could you tell me a little more concretely what the "Scale" in your question means?
If the total length of the wood plate is about 600mm.
Thank you.

Hi Motoo Kondo, I just bought the model "Turboshaft Engine, Modular Design, Free Turbine, Reverse Flow Type". I have a issue with raft, support. Since the support profile is big or very density, when I tried to remove or clean the printed part I broked the piece. Is it possible to have all the models without support, so I can add it on my way, using the slice software before print? In my case I am using Cura Ultimaker slice software. Thanks

Dear Tonelengineer

First of all, thank you for purchasing the model.
This model has many parts with complicated shapes, and I can understand the problems you have experienced because I have experienced many in the prototype stage.
So I am uploading a better file that I could print. Also, I pay close attention to the removal of the support without damage.
The support addition software I am using is Slic3r and Meshmixer.
In my experience, these softwares provide support that seems to be optimal for the geometry of the part.
However, the structure and function of aircraft engine parts are not taken into consideration.
As a result, I have experienced many cases where the support is attached to the part where the tool does not enter and cannot be removed, the support itself is damaged during printing, and the finish is poor, and the current method has been reached.
I haven't used "Cura", but I don't think it makes a big difference.
Therefore, I apologize for the inconvenience, but please let us know specifically the defective parts you have experienced.
After investigating the cause for each part, I would like to improve it if possible.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for message.

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Hi Motoo Kondo, no worries about. I am a big fan of you!
My main problem untill now was just the file 'Disch-Pipe-Cut-Set01mws.stl'. I couldn't remove the suport, without broke the piece. I tried twice. I noticed that file '15-Disch-Pipe-Cut-Set102ws.stl' has a different support shape. I did't tried to print at yet, but I think it will be better. Thanks

Dear Tonelengineer

Thank you for your message.
I think this part is fragile because it is thin.
If it breaks, I don't care too much and glue it to fix it.
"Disch-Pipe-Cut-Set01mws.stl" is supported by "Meshmixer".
Even if the support remains inside, it will not be visible from the outside, so I think it is not necessary to forcibly remove the support.
I designed it to see the inside of "Disch-Pipe-Cut-Set102ws.stl", so I have my own support.
In any case, I have uploaded the unsupported "stl" files for these two files so that you can increase your experience, so please download and try it if necessary.
Disch-Pipe-Cut-Set01.stl and Disch-Pipe-Cut-Set02.stl
Thank you!!

Dear Iacrizelle

First of all, thank you for purchasing my model.
I will answer the question "Turboshaft engine with radial turbine" as follows.
・ This model used a vacuum cleaner to make air flow through the inside of the engine in order to experience the characteristics of the radial turbine.
Therefore, it cannot be turned by hand from the turbine side, but it is possible from the output shaft side.
This engine can be used as a power source for the helicopter power train.
In that case, the total reduction ratio to the main rotor head is about 0.016, so I don't think it is suitable to turn it by hand.
When turning by hand, I recommend the following models that can monitor the internal structure of the engine.
Thank you for your message.

im planning to purchase all the models for the powertrain, can this cutaway engine be used instead of the one you built for the powetrain??

Dear Iacrizelle
Basically, it is a cut model of the same engine, and the specifications of the engine output shaft and engine holding part are the same.
However, because the drive system is different, the height of the engine axis is different (about 16mm).
Therefore, it is necessary to match the height of the engine.
I am not thinking about using the cut model for power train at all, and I am sorry that there is no inquiry from anyone other than you, but if you carry out the modification, please do it at your own risk.
Thank you for your message.

can you give a discount since i am going to buy all your models for the powertrain?

Dear Iacrizelle

I never offer any discounts for all models and for anyone.
Please understand.

it's ok, thank you, i'll be in touch with you since i am going to print your 3d helicopter powertrain. sorry for the inconvenience, thank you!

Dear Iacrizelle

Thank you very much.
Making this series of models is not easy in terms of skill and time, but I think it is worth the challenge.
I am looking forward to the completion of your work

is there any alternative for the vacuum cleaner or can we rotate it manually if we don’t use this as a source of power?