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je vous remercie pour votre reponce . pour vous expliquer le projet final je voudrais en faire une copie " fonctionnel " en aluminium pour le site ou je travail .
je conprend que cela prenne du temps je vous remerci encore j'attendrais de vos nouvelles . merci pour votre interret pour ce projet

Bonjour et meri pour votre travail .
je recherche une maquette pour un moteur 3 cylindres type anzani ou bleriot .
avez vous cela ? combien cela couterais ?

Dear Hoetgregory

My piston engine models has been based on aircrafts imported into Japan, with the exception of the Wright Flyer.
The "Bleriot 11-2" aircraft imported into Japan in 1911 was equipped with a rotary engine.
I didn't care about the "3-cylinder type Anzani" in your message.
Immediately, I roughly searched the Internet for information on the engine and aircraft, and as a result, I became interested in knowing that the aircraft crossed the Strait of Dover for the first time in 1909.
I would like to collect information for model design and start considering modeling.
Therefore, the completion time depends on the information gathered, so I cannot promise at this time.
In that case, I think that it will be released at the same finish and price as the rotary engine manufactured earlier.
Please wait.
Thank you for your message.

Dear Pccjimmy

Thank you for your interest in my model.
The blade of this model has a complicated shape, and I also made it with support while trying and making errors.
I would appreciate it if you could tell me specifically what is or was the problem with my support.
After receiving your answer, I will consider it and upload the STL files without support.
I look forward to your reply.

Thank for your suport.

Hi Konchan77, your models are amazing !! I would like to know if you also take order to built some of your models?

Thank you

Dear Mathieu-FC

Thank you for your interest in my work.
I do not sell assembled finished products of my model.
The reason is as follows, and I do not have the ability to sell to others.
Only personal activities of the elderly, only one printer, only free CAD design software, etc.

By all means, I hope that you will make use of the data I provide and make your own.
Thank you very much.

Thank you for your answer Mr Konchan77. The small turboprop, turbofan and GTF models look like the engine we manufacture. I should be able to find a colleague who own a 3d printer. Thank you again and have a nice day!

Thank you very much for inviting to your designs. I enjoyed very much.

Dear Johnsonprototyping

I asked "Cults" for confirmation because "Order number" is information that I didn't know about.
As a result, I confirmed that this is purchased by the account "gajunk11" dated on 2020/02/28.
Thank you for your purchase.
I couldn't imagine the existence of someone with two accounts, so I asked you a question. Please understand why.

I will take your opinions and suggestions seriously.
Thank you very much.

It was with my other account. Order number: 6017852.

Well that is frustrating. Thanks anyways. If you decide to allow people to make their own supports, I’d love to know about it. That is how most models are available.


Dear Johnsonprototyping

I referred to your "Cults" profile to find out about you.
There were only 3 downloaded ones, and I couldn't find out what was in the message.
Also, there is no record of downloading my model.
How did you purchase my model?
I actually make and verify using my data (including "Premade Support"), but I can not guarantee the material and printing time of the downloader.
If you require with "no Premade Support" data, I don't recommend to purchase my model.
Thank you.

Okay, thanks for the explanation. However, I run a printing business and am quite familiar with setting up prints with and without the support material. I’m an engineer and have built several different styles of printers. I’m quite familiar with 3D printing. I would really appreciate being able to set up my own parts.
Honestly, what is the risk to you? If the parts don’t work, all that is wasted is my material and my print time. I would be willing to buy the parts again, even though I already purchased the models once.


Dear Johnsonprototyping

There doesn't seem to be a way to send photos from the site right now, so I contacted "Cults".
If you need it, please contact the site as well.
Here are my experiences and opinion about how to add and remove "support" for FDM models.
Even in the FDM model, how to add and remove "support" is the most difficult task.
The layer pitch and "support" boundaries do not always match, and the boundaries are not always easy to peel off.
I am printing while considering the printing conditions so that it will not peel off at the layer boundary.
The "support" is roughly removed and then finished over time using the cutter, file or sandpaper.
In my experience, the "support" provided by the slicer software that comes with the printer is much more complicated than the "support" of mine.
As a result, I have experienced many cases where removal is impossible or takes a long time.
In any case, "to break cleanly at the edge" is seldom.
I believe that the "support" design / removal method is necessary skill to be acquired in order to make good use of 3D printers.
My "support" given to your listed "STL" files is pipe-shaped (entire circumference, partial), plate-shaped, easy to remove.
Therefore, I will not upload "STL" files without "my support".
I hope you find this useful.
Thank you for your message.

That is fine. I did not have any questions about the resin printing. Nothing to be sorry about.

No problem. How do I send you photos through this site?

With regard to specific parts, I had trouble printing "Gear28-Carrier01ws", "Gas-Gene-Case101ws", "GearCase-Front101ws", "GearCase-Rear101ws", "Prop-Spinner102ws", "Prop-Blade101ws", "PT-BRG-Hsg01ws", "GT-Stator101ws", "Exhaust-Pipe01ws", and "Exhaust-Case201ws".

Basically, the support material for FDM printing doesn't work well with SLA printing. When I try to remove the FDM-style supports, the more brittle SLA resin fractures the model where the support attaches. When removing the support from a FDM model, the layers allow the support to break cleanly at the edge of the part without damaging the model. So if I could get the models above without premade support material, I can make it work from there.

Thank you for your time.

Dear Johnsonprototyping
I don't have a "resin printer" and I don't plan to have one.
Therefore, I cannot answer any questions about "resin printing".
I'm sorry.
For "FDM Printing", I will answer specific questions such as "stl" file and parts.
However, even in that case, it will be done via the community site instead of personal email.
Also, "premade support" reflects the results of my trial and error, and I don't think there is a big problem.
If you have any problems, please tell me the printing conditions and the content of the problem (preferably a photo) as detail as possible.
And if I understand the problem, I'll improve it.
Please understand the above.
Thank you for your message.

I ordered your turboprop model (free turbine style) last year and was wondering if I could get the parts without support material. I would like to make my own support material for resin printing and the premade support in the model is getting in the way. My email is and I can provide my order number by email if you would like. Thanks!

Dear Mralican
Thank you for purchasing my models.
Also, thank you again for your understanding of myself.
Well, I don't use the word "Solid File", but is it the "CAD" data from which the "STL" file came from?
If so, I do not intended to provide "CAD" data to others because it is my proprietary data.
When I started studying 3D printers, I thought so, but it impossible, and I gained experience through trial and error based on the provided "STL" file, and I have reached the present.
I hope that you will develop your own better model by yourself with trial and error based on the data I provided.
Thank you for your message.

Hi, I amazed with your work and obviously just find out your models and after browsing them , I can see a real craftmanship and experience behind it. I purchased and download f35 swivel model phase 4, but they are only in stl file, is there any chance to have solid files ? Because , I would like to make some modifications, maybe some improvment according my ideas. I really appreciate the help. Actually, if you can add solid files in to you download files then not only me but others who are interested can learn more, so, what you said that you are retired engineer, but your knowledge should not be gone as continouse of that knowledge , new generation should continue by studying these solid files or other format cad files, that will be your legend and that you know your knowledge will be added to the future. I really appreciate. My email

Dear Bilbosiu
I think that what you want to know is classified as follows.
1. Fuel system....From fuel supply to fuel nozzle
The book about turbofan engines published by engine manufacture (ex. Rolls Royce) may be very useful..
2. Structure and function of fuel nozzle
This is progressing day by day, so maybe it's too late to wait for the book, so I think it's a good idea to look for the WEB.
By the way, GEnx uses "TAPS Combustor Technology", and it seems that a technology different from the conventional "duplex nozzle" is used.
Please search for "TAPS Combustor Technology", you can reach to great FAA reports.
3. How to manufacture fuel nozzle parts
I am also looking at the nozzle of "CFM LEAP" that you mentioned.
This is like a traditional "duplex nozzle".
3D printers are just one of the processing technologies, and I interpret them as aiming at the integration and efficiency of parts.
I think it happened that the "fuel nozzle" of an appropriate size and easy to produce an effect was selected.
I think that the number of applicable parts for 3D printers will increase over a wide range.

I also studied by searching the WEB using various search terms.
I don't think I can recommend you any more.
Please do your best.

Thanks for quick answer, I really appreciate this!
Maybe I wrote that in a wrong way :D
I don't expect that you send me informations exactly about that GEnx fuel nozzle (but as I understand there is used duplex fuel nozzle?).
I know that GE use AM to produce parts ( but all what I find are a short articles or blogs. :( BTW CFM LEAP is the successor on GEnx so they use similar nozzles.
I look for some books about fuel system in the turbofan engine to understand how it works and approximately predict how they manufacture that in the traditional way. So if you know any interesting books on this subject or know where to look for similar information please let me know.
Best regards!

Dear Bilbosiu
Thank you for your interest in my model.
The fuel nozzle I made is a teaching material to explain the structure of a common duplex fuel nozzle used in a slightly older turbofan engine.
Therefore, it is not for the specific engine.
In addition, GEnx-2B is the latest engine and I can only get the information published on the WEB.
I am sorry for not meeting your expectations.
Thank you for your message.

I am really impressed with your works!
I found your blog because I'm looking for some informations about fuel nozzle in jet engine GEnx-2B.
I study Mechanical Engineering and I started getting interested in jet engines and additive technology.
I want to compare time, cost etc. of productions those fuel nozzle in traditional methods and in AM.
My problem is that I can't find needed informations - bill of materials in standard fuel nozzle in GEnx-2B and traditional methods of producing that.
Is there any possibility that you can provide me some materials regarding to this topic?
I will be grateful!!
Best regards,

Dear I_just_ride
Thank you for your interest.
When I started the 3D printer, I use AUTO-Desk's "123D Design", which was provided free of charge.
Unfortunately, this software is no longer provided, but I keep using it carefully because it is so easy for me to use.
I want to study other software, but I will not proceed because I give priority to production.
Thank you for your message.

Awesome Work!
I have recently started an interest in Turbo Fan Engines after attempting to draw one in SolidWorks.
What program do you use? (please don't say Catia) lol

Dear Rjotadiaz
1. Scale Up for TFE-04: Turbofan Engine-Business Aircraft
Other than aluminum pipes and screws can be scaled up.
You can design and print the aluminum pipes yourself.
However, be sure to rotate the two pipes after inserting them.
Choose the screws of appropriate size.
In any case, please do it at your own risk.
2. TFE1042 Engine Model
The engine is based on the Geared Turbofan Engine (TFE731) that was put into practical use for the first time, so I am interested.
However, engines with afterburners are not known in Japan.
Currently, It is not in the my model production plan and I am not collecting information, so I think I can not make it for the time being.
Thank you for your message.


I try to have the TFE-04 ...can I orint in any scale?

Can you make the Garrett TFE1042 with afterburner


Dear Rodthebod
Thank you for your interest in my work and for your valuable suggestions.
For your suggestion, I do not carry out commercial activities outside Japan.
The main reasons are that I am old and not familiar with customs, languages and laws outside of Japan at least.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but please use it according to the current community rules.
Thank you for your message.

Hi Konchan77,
I am interested in printing your excellent engine for aircraft engineering training and would like to have permission to print for educational purposes. Obviously there would be some cost involved on my side so I would like to recover these printing costs. I would be interested in entering some commercial arrangement with you to proceed.Please advise your thoughts and possible contact details.