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Turboprop Engine, for Business Aircraft, Free Turbine Type, Cutaway

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3D model description

This is a model of the Turboprop Engine for Business Aircraft, etc.
Engine of this class has many features other than the large size jet (fan) engine.
- Smaller size - Higher RPM - Lighter weight
These features make the complex air flow and unique configuration.

There are two types of this class engine;
- Direct drive
This type model was uploaded to the following URL.
- Free turbine
This cutaway model is the free turbine type.

  • Features of this model has 2 major assemblies
    ①. Free Turbine Assy (Forward of Engine)
    (1) Power Turbine Rotor
    (2) Dual Planetary Reduction Gearing
    (3) Exhaust Ducts
    ②. Gas Generator Assy (Backward of Engine)
    (1) Circumferential Type Air Intake
    (2) Combination Type Compressor (Axial + Centrifugal)
    (3) Reverse Flow Combustion Chamber
    (4) Axial stage Turbine
    (5) Accessory Gear Box (including Oil Tank)

  • Assembly Manual (PDF format, total 19 pages)
    The detail assembly manual including "Parts-List", "After printing treatment" and "Assembly procedure" are prepared based on "Standard Skill (Filing, Drilling, Tapping and painting)".

Download files includes;
-files: STL Files (60 items)
STL file name: "ws" of last 2 digits means "With Support" which special designed.
-images: Parts Breakdown for assembly Aid, Subassembly Photos
-PDF (Zip) File: Assembly Manual

Purchase Parts Information; (No Metal Ball Bearing is used)
-Aluminum Tubes
See Parts List
Micro screws M1.4x3.5L - Appox. 50 ea - Direct screw-in to 1 mm dia hole (No nut)
Screws M2 x ** - See Parts List

Total Net Print Time: Approx. 50HR
- (Estimated as case of PLA, 0.4mm Nozzle, 0.2mm Layer Height, 40% infill and No raft and support)
Note: When at actual print, each parameter may be adjusted by your experience.

This is the most challengeable item in the creations which I made before.
I do hope your success!!

[Update] - 2018.3.14
Photo of typical special support is added.
[Update] - 2018.7.12
Revised Description only.
[Update] - 2018.7.19
Modified Comp-Rotor901ws.stl is introduced.
[Update] - 2018.7.20
Modified Comp-Rotor901ws.stl was changed to
Comp-Rotor801ws.stl and 3-piece type
[Update] - 2021.4.12 Improved files and related figure uploaded
Comp-Rotor-1st-01ws.stl → Comp-Rotor-1st-101ws.stl
Comp-Rotor801ws.stl → Comp-Rotor801aws.stl
[Update] - 2021.4.14 Improved file
Comp-Rotor-1st-101ws.stl - Re-changed

3D printing settings

3D printing settings
Raft, Support, Layer Height, Infill: Depending on your experience.
But the parts having gear, small shaft and thin portion: 100% infill is recommended.
My models were printed by "idbox" using with 0.4 nozzle, 1.75 PLA.

3D printer file information

  • 3D design format: STL and ZIP Folder details Close
    • AC-Bleed-Valve01.stl
    • AC-Cap01.stl
    • AC-GB-Body01.stl
    • AC-GB-Cover01.stl
    • AC-GB-Cover02ws.stl
    • AC-GB-Cover03.stl
    • AC-GB-Cover04.stl
    • AC-GB-Frt01.stl
    • AC-Impeller01.stl
    • AC-Tube01.stl
    • Acc-Gear01.stl
    • Assembly
    • C-C-Spacer01.stl
    • C-Chamber01.stl
    • Comp-Rotor-1st-01ws.stl
    • Comp-Rotor-1st-101ws.stl
    • Comp-Rotor-2nd-01.stl
    • Comp-Rotor-3rd-01.stl
    • Comp-Rotor01ws.stl
    • Comp-Rotor801aws.stl
    • Comp-Rotor801ws.stl
    • Comp-Rotor901ws.stl
    • Comp-Spacer01.stl
    • Comp-Spacer02.stl
    • Exh-Pipe-Clamp01.stl
    • Exhaust-Case201ws.stl
    • Exhaust-Duct101ws.stl
    • Exhaust-Pipe01ws.stl
    • Front-Cover01.stl
    • Fuel-Nozzle01.stl
    • GT-Rotor02.stl
    • GT-Rotor101.stl
    • GT-Stator101ws.stl
    • Gas-Gene-Case101ws.stl
    • Gear10-5-5-01.stl
    • Gear10-5-5-901.stl
    • Gear16-2-6-01.stl
    • Gear16-3-Sun01.stl
    • Gear20-2-6-01.stl
    • Gear28-3-Ring01.stl
    • Gear28-Carrier01ws.stl
    • Gear28-Carrier02.stl
    • Gear36-3-Ring01.stl
    • Gear36-Carrier01.stl
    • Gear36-Carrier02.stl
    • Gear8-5-2-101.stl
    • GearCase-Front101ws.stl
    • GearCase-Rear01ws.stl
    • Impeller101.stl
    • Inlet-Vane01.stl
    • Intake-Mesh101ws.stl
    • P-Shaft-Brg01.stl
    • P-Shaft-Gear01.stl
    • P-Shaft-Spacer01.stl
    • PT-BRG-Hsg01ws.stl
    • PT-Rotor02.stl
    • PT-Rotor101.stl
    • PT-Stator01.stl
    • Prop-Blade101ws.stl
    • Prop-Hub101.stl
    • Prop-Shaft01.stl
    • Prop-Spinner102ws.stl
    • Prop-Spinner201.stl
    • Rotate-Tool02.stl
    • Rotate-Tool03.stl
    • Rotate-Tool04.stl
    • Stand-FT-Assy01.stl
    • Stand-GG-Rr01.stl

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  • Last update: 2021/04/14 at 00:13
  • Publication date: 2017/12/22 at 04:14





Retired Aircraft Engine Engineer
Aichi, Japan
"Aircraft Engine Museum by 3D Printer Models"

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Dear Grfrey
I was relieved.
Thank you for rating my model.
I am looking forward to uploading your finished model.
Thank you very much

Thank you very much, now it is all right, you make a great job, i expect buy and build others projects from you in the future!

Dear Grfrey

I'm sorry at all.
It was my mistake.
I uploaded the modified file.
Thank you.

I meant excentric despite concentric.

Hi, the problem that a mentioned was solved! now the outter wall is conect with the compressor blade, but now, unfortunately there is a new problem in the "Comp-Rotor-1st-101ws" file, the cilinder that fit the rest of the compressor is not center/aligned with the rest, it is concentric and wont align with the rest of stages.

Dear Grfrey

As a result of reviewing the "Comp-Rotor-1st-01ws.stl" you pointed out, I confirmed that there was a problem as you pointed out.
I uploaded the following file that fixed the problem, so please download it again.
Comp-Rotor-1st-01ws.stl → Comp-Rotor-1st-101ws.stl
The following file of "1-piece type" have also been modified.
Comp-Rotor801ws.stl → Comp-Rotor801aws.stl
Also related figure is uploaded.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
thank you very much.

Hi, im trying to print the comp-rotor 1st, all others stages printed perfectly, but in this one the fin barelly touch the main body, and is just fixed by the support, when i move the support some fins move loosely from the main cilinder body, i noticed in the slicer the layer fin not conect directly with the body wall, there is something that i can do to resolve it?

Hello, what type of turbine is this based on?

Dear Mrstacymelliott
I am very glad to hear that.
Now, there is no 4-blades spinner of this model.
Since I am challenging to the new complicated model, I do not have time to make it.
I am sorry not to meet your hope.

Everything went great!

The Model is entirely put together.

Do you have a 4 blade spinner for this model?

Dear Mrstacymelliott
Fixation of 1-3-2 Exhaust-Duct101Ws.
I can understand the reason for your question well.
It recommends performing fixation of this part in the final stage as much as possible.
Since this is non rotating parts, it thinks that what is necessary is just to fix lightly.
In my case, I drilled 1mm diameter hole then attached with M1.4x3.5L screw through the hole of 1-4-1 Exhaust-Case201ws at the final stage.
This position is a place in which it hides.
Adhesion, screwing, etc. can be considered.
Please fix by your favorite method.
Thank you for your consideration.

I'm sorry to have to ask so many questions about such a beautiful set of plans.

But how does part 1-3-2 get secured to anything else?

Dear Mrstacymelliott
First, I have my creation evaluated highly and appreciate it very much.
Now, it answers about the contents of the question.
I designed and converted to STL file using software called 123D-Design of Autudesk.
The outside diameter on the design of "gear28-carrier01WS" is true circle in 25.800 mm.
Although I do not checked usually, as a result of checking the size by 3D Builder of Microsoft, the size of your question was displayed.
I do not know which software has a cause.
I am using "3D Builder" only error checking and correction purpose only.
However, it is interpreted as the difference of 0.01 mm being satisfactory practically, in view of the accuracy of a printer.
I answered by previous mail, the round parts which consist of circles do not have a X-Y difference in the design.
Please understand above. Thank you.

First and foremost, this is the best set of plans I have ever purchased....Thank you so much for making them.

I did not make it clear in my previous message.

The files themselves say different number for x and y, not the parts after they are printed.

gear28-carrier01WS is 25.80X and 25.79Y

Are they suppose to be different?

Dear Mrstacymelliott
My printer is general-purpose FDM type printer and the 0.4mm nozzle and 1.75mm PLA filament are being used for it.
As for this type printer, the accuracy of the parts after printing changes with a printer model, the adjustment method and print conditions very much.
Therefore, each part cannot be size guaranteed.
Since there are many WEB site about print accuracy and there are also sites of accuracy check, please refer to it.
When you search as "printer test" etc., there are many sites.
Since the round parts are written with the circle on the design, there is no variation of tolerance of X-Y.
I think that 0.01 mm of difference is a level with completely difficult achievement.
I am manufacturing, when nearby and an about 0.3-0.5mm size error have been recognized in various conditions and size.
I determine the final design, after applying a trial-and-error method.
It is premised on print experience and standard processing skill in order to correct changes and errors of this kind.
Please try many things for yourself and solve.
I am sorry not to become sufficient reply.
Your understanding is expected. Thank you.

Are all pieces suppose to be off by by .01mm? I look at the X and Y and the Y is always off. Example, gear28-carrier01WS is 25.80X and 25.79Y. I have not check all of them, but the ones I have checked there is always a difference between X and Y.

Thank you very much.
I do wish your success.

Thank you very much.
I do wish your success.

The Rotor parts printed wonderfully. Thank you so much for making the changes.

This 3 Piece Comp. Rotor is amazing. this is a great opertunity for me to try and remix one of the stators to fit as a compressor stator vane.
my project has been on a halt a little while but so far all the files print amazing!!!

I am sorry to have caused trouble.
I also printed again.(PLA, 0.4mm Nozzle, 0.2mm, 100%)
No blade is fallen.
However, when the whole design was re-examined, there are places where contact of blades and disk is weak.
Then, 1-piece type and 3-piece type were re-designed and were uploaded, please use it, choosing.
Since the photograph of a series of Rotor was also uploaded, please refer to it.

First, FANTASTIC model so far. No problems except this one. Fantastic instructions.

So, I've done 3 tries at the new Rotor. Each time two of the blades fall off. I have tried printing on .2 and .1 resolution. I even tried printing from another print program but got the same result. It appears that the center column is printing and then the blades are barely sitting touching of the center column and therefore have very little strength.

Is it possible to split the part into 3 separate parts than can stack so there is no need for support structures?


That looks excellent! Thank you.

Hey, great file... Very well done.

Looking at Comp-Rotor101WS how do you cutaway the support without damaging the blades?

Dear TommyT
Thank you for the purchase.
I also had the same experience at the beginning of manufacturing.
Then, special support was designed.
Please print the file to which a suffix called "ws" was attached by " no support."
The photograph of support for typical parts will be added in creation page in a hour.
In addition, removing of those special support is still not easily, please carefully remove referring the assembly manual's figure.
I hope your success.
Thank you again.

hello Konchan77, I have a Question regarding the support needed on the Gas Gen case. when i use simplify 3D and enable supports. it fill up all the places also inside the model (the diffuser entries and in between the inner en outer walls). are custom supports needed only on the outside or am i missing something. I currently work on these exact engines (smalls, to large) and am thrilled to get this project started :D

thanks in advance

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