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Playseat Challenge Logitech shifter mount

3D model description

A shifter mount for mounting Logitech shifters onto the Playseat Challenge racing rig.

Logitech-playseat01 is the shifter mount for mounting on the right side
Logitech-playseat02 is the clamp for mounting on the right side and

Logitech-playseat03 is the shifter mount for mounting on the left side
Logitech-playseat04 is the clamp for mounting on the left side and
It clamps onto the tube on the right or left side of the seat using five M4x20 mm or up to 30 mm length screws and and the shifter is secured to the mount with two M6x16 mm or similar length screws. Do not overtighten the M4 screws or the plastic will strip.

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  • 3D model format: STL



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Great job, how about the wheel bar lock? is it non functional or just very hard to lock?

I don't have access to a 3d printer, is there any way you could print one and sell and ship it?

Thanks - I'll try that. I do print smaller parts usually and never had temperature/layer adhesion problems, so I could have to much cooling with larger parts..

Sounds like you need to print with a higher temperature if the layers split at the bend. Print with at least two-three perimeters and at least 1 mm top and bottom surfaces and it should be plenty strong.

What are your recommended print settings for this shifter mount? I did mine in PLA with 20% rectangular infill and it did separate the top layers of the support base from the curved part that attaches to the seat tubing.