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How to convert a STL file to a STEP file?

The purpose of this tutorial is to convert a STL file to STEP in order to be able to simply edit a part on a CAD software.

Required software: Fusion 360

Fusion 360 software is available free of charge for non-commercial use at

Conversion time: 5 minutes

We'll start by launching Fusion 360, with version 2.0.6263

Once the software is launched, we will insert the STL in the fusion 360 workspace:

concert STL file to STEP file 1

concert STL file to STEP file 2

Now, we are going to make several manipulations in the tree structure in order to convert the meshbody into a volume that can be modified directly on Fusion or, in our case, on another CAD software.

concert STL file to STEP file 3

In some cases the STL to be converted has too many facets, which will increase the conversion time or simply prevent it in its current state.

concert STL file to STEP file 4

Further steps will then be necessary in order to perform the conversion. Further steps in the conversion :

  1. Select the "MeshBody1".
  2. Set to "Face Count"
  3. Enter a value less than 10,000.
  4. Then validate

concert STL file to STEP file 5

concert STL file to STEP file 6

Once the additional steps have been completed, perform the previous steps again. A new Body should appear in the tree as shown below:

concert STL file to STEP file 8

From this new body we will be able to create a STEP.

concert STL file to STEP file 9

You will now need to name your file, select the file type and the destination folder.

concert STL file to STEP file 9

Your STL is now converted to STEP and editable on your favorite CAD software.

Thanks to the member of the Facebook Group Entraide Imprimante 3D who shared this tutorial!

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