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bonjour toute les pieces sont elle imprimable sur une anicubic vyper avec cette capacité 245 x 245 x 260 mm

Yes, our models are cut to fit 200x200mm printers.

ok thank its cool

Hey mate, is there any way to get a license for your practical condition markers? They look great!

You can sell the physical printed markers as long as you use your own photos and link to our digital files so people can buy the STL files from us.

serrai t'il possible d'avoir le lien pour la lampe ?


I bought the sandman helmet, but i don't found the hex peg, Can you upload the file?

Updated! :)

Came here for this! thanks.

je n'arrive pas a lire les instructions

je n'arrive pas a voir les instructions de montage

Hello. How can we help? Which 3D model are you talking about?

bonjour je me permet de vous contacter car je vien de telecharger vos stl pixel art, hors quand je les met dans cura le cube est plein et les 6 face s'imprime de ce fait je n'ai pas la possibilité de mettre les clips. et vous parler de 1h pour 17 pixel dans votre descriptif mais pour un cube cura m'annonce 1h15 d'impression. merci par avance de votre aide.

You have to use the following settings for printing the pixels. (It is in the description of the pixel art blocks.)
Perimeters: 1
Bottom solid layers: 2
Top solid layers: 0
Infill: 0%
Layer height 0.3 mm
Supports: off

Do you do commissions on the table top figures. If so how much does it range I need 7 different one in total.

Hello, we can do some weapons or accessories as a commission, but not the complete figures. We dont have that much time at this moment. Email us at if you're interested.

are you gonna make more warframe models?, for example valkyr?

It's not planned at this moment, but it's possible in the future. Or as a commission for you, in this case you can email us at

hi. how i can pay my order for "die-hardman" mask. i from russia and i can not pay that 3d models. Maybe, you know how to do that?

Some payment gateway services have been banned for russia since it invaded Ukraine. You can use cryptocurrency on our website -

Hi 3d-Mon. I saw that you had made some really awesome Star Wars cosplay gear including some sequel-era stuff that you don't see around much. I was wondering if you had ever come across (or considered making!) a Nix Jerd (resistance bombardier) helmet? I think it's one of the coolest designs in the franchise and it's kind of my holy grail to find one to print. Just thinking out loud but would be awesome. You'd have at least 1 customer :) Thanks!

Cool idea, thank you for the suggestion! :) We'll discuss it in the team!

In the practical condition markers set will ring verisons of frightened, grappled and incapacitated be added?

Probably not as we were out of ideas for these. The bases are really creative so we would love it if people used those.

You could make rings like the bases, like the other rings. Without those three the set seems incomplete.

And you could not use the bases for monsters large and bigger. It is just my humble opinion.

We'll see what we can do!

ciao ho comprato il tuo stl di uraraka in versione eroe a luglio..
ti faccio i miei complimenti e bellissimo, ora sto montando le varie parti mi trovo in difficolta nel fare calzare lo stivale mi potresti dare un consiglio??? ciao e ancora complimenti....

Hello! I'm sorry but google translate doesn't work very well in this case. Please, use english and describe what part in particular and what would you like us to do. You can also send us a photo of the printed part via email:

Hello! In the neck folder, there's a folder called "neck assembly" where you can see how the pieces look assembled together.

I did see that shows the rough placement but not how they are actually put together. Can't glue them otherwise it can't be worn.

That's up to each cosplayer how he prefers to wear the 3D printable armor parts. I would keep the small front piece separate, and connect it to the rest using a velcro strap for example.

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We don’t mind that as long as you use your own photos and link to the product page on cults where people can buy the digital files.

Okej thanks!

Hola, el archivo de los rodillos con diseño para arcilla, contiene además el soporte para las rueditas? no se si será como un mango para poner cada rodela y usarlo? o son solo las ruedas?

The clay wheels come with the handle as well.

hi, I just bought it and looks like it is missing the 70 pokemons from April.

Thank you for your support by pre-ordering the pokemon gen2! We're working on them as fast as we can, test printing each. Unfortunately, we couldn't meet the deadline in April. Our apologies for that. We're releasing them in small batches, but it will take us a few more months to finish the complete collection - probably in October. We'll be releasing also some free models as a present and an apology for taking so long.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

how do i do the trackson johnny as they keep breaking

I can't help you with a printing error unless I see it. My Johnny 5 printed well, so maybe it's just missing supports somewhere. You can send us a photo of the failed print so we can have a look at it! :)

škoda že není rozdělený na díly pro lepší tisk Tommy Angelo

Hello! The pieces should fit together well. You might have glued it somewhat wrong which causes it not to fit. You can send us a photo so we can see it and help you.

Hi, I’m printing the Stormbreaker right now and I love it. I wanna put a rod in the middle so its sturdy and I know you guys put a hole in it for that. I need a rod to put in but I’m having trouble finding a rod with the same width and length because I don’t have the tools to cut a metal rod. I was wondering if you can send me a link of the one you guys used . If I really need to cut a rod I will find a way I’m sure. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

Hello! We always buy stuff like that from local craft stores and cut it, so I can't help with that, sorry!

Hiya, i purchased the ashe rifle from overwatch but i only recieved the 2 full rifle files (obj&stl), but the cut up print ready pieces files that you advertise in the listing and pictures are missing.

anyway i can still get those please?

Sorry for the error! I've uploaded the cut STL!

does this price include the other missing pokemon?

Hi. Yes, when you buy the whole generation, you'll get all the pokemon from that generation. We're working on them slowly, but we always update the files when we release a new batch. :)