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que increíble lampara excelente trabajo, estaria genial poder venderla, pero ya impresa y funcional pero solo en Colombia y con la mension respectiva de ustedes como creadores si me lo permiten. muchas gracias!

Just bought the Ahsoka Tano leg armor and was wondering if I could get the individual piece files? The download only had the full, connected pieces and the pins but was missing the individual parts to make it easier for printing

If I buy your 3d models of pokemon, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to sell the products once printed please?
Thank you,

Hi, we don’t have a problem with you selling our models, if you buy them from us, and use your own photos and write where you have the digital model from. Full terms and conditions here:

I am interested in your IRONMAN HELMET - MARK III model. I was wondering if the helmet can be assembled without glue and if it has lips so the pieces to fit together.

Hello, unfortunately, you have to use glue, the model has holes for pins, for easier assembly, but no clips.

Hello, my name is Kameron and I am looking for designers like myself that are interested in a consignment opportunity. Please contact me at if you would like to discuss the possibility of turning your designs into passive income on another platform.

Hello, my name is Kameron and I am looking for designers like myself that are interested in a consignment opportunity. Please contact me at if you would like to discuss the possibility of turning your designs into passive income on another platform.

Hi, sorry about that. The hole isn't supposed to be sealed. I've updated the files.

Hi, if it's a paid model, that's fine with me as long as you use your own photos and write where you have the digital model from. Full terms and conditions here: If it's a free model then send an email to and we'll figure something out.


I purchased one of your models and was wondering if I printed it was I able to sell the printed model on my Etsy store? I like to get permission first before assuming. Thanks!

hi i bought the nerf revolver file, but there is no details of the license. would it be possible to print and sell the model.
thank you.

Hi, I don't know why though. I can see the files there. We also uploaded it to Thingiverse so maybe try there then, if it doesn't work here.

I want to download the file for the Eagles Nest from game of thrones but when I click download it takes me to a blank page and nothing happens. its a free file it says. Any way to just have it emailed? Also great work. I love your stuff!

Hi, sorry about Stormbreaker. I've updated the files now and everything should be correct.

Follow me on Cults3d to see my 3d designs !!!
💥💥👉 Everyday I upload new designs and once a week I also upload a free to download design.

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i´m a fan of your wonderfull vintage cars and for a few weeks i had found your offer for buying the "Vintages-cars -3-2-gratis".
but at that time i had some trouble with my paypal account.
Now it works again and i can use it for payment but now i cannot found your offer for all the vintage cars even more or . . .maybe cults would not show me them or . . .(i do not hope so) was this offer running out? . Another question to theses cars: Are the model files scalable? I would like to use these Cars for the 1/6 scale Hobby/Figures `cause i had not found any other civilian cars from the 20s/30s era with such fine details.

Hope there is a chance that your offer is staying till now.

Kind regards from Hamburg

TH1964: Anyone who buys models here should have access to all updates that come in the future including RC models

Amactus: Unzipping a file on a mac computer is user-friendly and intuitive. To unzip files on a mac, simply follow the steps below:

Double click the zipped file.
The file will automatically be decompressed by Archive Utility into the same folder the compressed file is in.
Access the extracted files by clicking the appropriate icons.
Alternatively, if the method above does not work, you can right-click on the .zip package, and select Open With > Archive Utility (default).

Hello, I just bought the bugatti 35 rc model, I look forward to built it. If you have updates for this model can you send me the updates please, tanx

I use Mac, and slice with Cura. Thanks!

Hi, are you on mac or windows?

Hello, I just bought your Guardian Egg 3D model, and I'm not able to unzip the download provided. Could you please advise me on a solution?

Hi, I put your message into a translator and I don't understand the last part of the sentence. Please send me an email to

me gusta mucho tu trabajo
me gustaria saber si puedes hacerme un stl de un guerrero humano con el tier 3 del wow

Hi, thank you. Yes we definitely plan to do the rest of the Weasley in the future. Probably next month

Hello Nicolas,

I have bought all your Harry Potter wands and really love the details you have put into them, I was wondering if you had any thoughts of making an Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, and Percy Weasley Wands?

Thanks.. Sam in Taiwan

Hello 3D-Mon, My name is Nicolás and I am from Colombia, I have a little 3d Print business with my girlfriend and we love all your models, but we want to know if we can work together by selling the final result of the 3d Print. We want to know if it is possible and if you can we may pay you and extra for that permission or for signing a contract or something like that. We are waiting for your approval for buying them and getting to sell them giving the information that it was modeled by you. We will wait for your answer.

Thank you, have a nice day!

Thank you for asking. If you write that you have the digital model from me and use your own photos you can :)

Hello!, My wife and I have just started a small 3d printing business, we work with a great designer who helps us create the models, we print them and sell them. We saw your pokemon pack and fell in love!!! We would love to buy the pack and print them so we could sell them to our clients, we are from Peru and people here love them! However, we don't want to do that without your permission, we would love to pay for your pokepack but we need to ask, would you give us permission to please sell the final prints here? We really need to know you're OK with this.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi, I don't have a problem with that as long as you write that it is from us and use your own photos to sell it.

Hi. I have found your nerf revolver model and wanted to know if I can sell the 3d printed version of it. Thanks

Hi, I don't have a problem with that as long as you write that the scull is from us.

Hi, we run a little Etsy shop with handmade wands, jewelry, etc. I was toying with adding 3D printed elements to the hardwood wands and copper-formed jewelry we make, and found your raven skull pendant. I was wondering if you offer permissions/license that would allow me to sell items I make that include your design.

Hi, if you use your own photos and write that you have the digital model from us then I don't have a problem with that. But I can't speak for netflix.

Hello, if i buy your locke and key keys models can i made and sell them without having issue with copyrights?

I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Thank you

Thank you for the wand. It was a wonderful project and gift.

Hi, sorry I forgot to update the files here before. I've uploaded the update now. This piece should fix your problem Sabine-Wren-jetpack-part3-V2

On the sabine jetpack I am trying to glue in the rocket piece to the jet pack but there is a triangle bump right where I have to glue the part, Have you ever printed this there is no way to make it sit flush am I missing something

Thanks for the download, I was wondering where are her guns? I already have the gun belt do you not have them?

Hi dear 3D-MON

Thanks a lot for your message , that is very kind of you.

Hi, the files have been updated, all parts and the wand in one piece are there now. Sorry about that

Hi, I purchased the Leta Lestrange wand and it only included the top half of the model. Can you please upload the bottom half? Thank you.

Hi, yes, there is space for a battery

Hey! Does the Alita sword build allow for lights/battery space? There’s a battery in one of the images but no mention of that ability on the info or other pics. Thanks!

Hi, sorry for the mistake. I don't know why I zipped an empty folder :D
I fixed it now

Die-Hardman mask from Death Stranding

I purchased the data.
However, the file is corrupt and can not be downloaded.
I want you to respond

hi how can ı print with cura what can ı set to settings ?


I bought the Widow sword yesterday and I launched a print, who failed in the middle. I'm working in the 3D field and I print pieces every days. I found a problems in the handle file. In the middle of the piece (79mm from the biggest side of the handle), there's a gap where the slicer create top layers, than inside supports, before printing again the infill. It caused a print fail and I now have a 3d nervous system.

I'm trying to print it again, but I added solid inside the handle to create a complete infill for the entire handle to repair that flaw. I just wanted to let you know. Now I'll check all the other parts of the sword to be sure it won't happen again. I'm wondering if this design or others from you had that kind of fail? We're still looking to print purchased designs and we want to reduce printing risks at maximum.

Thank you for you time


hı ı buy to your file dragon lamp but ı cant open this file can you send my e maıl please

hello I would be interested in your model warrior on horse, do you allow the sale of figurine? thank you

Hi, I don't know your specific printer, but I think you should be able to

Hi. İ like your predatoe shoulder cannon.
Can i print this quality with creality ender 3 printer?