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3D printed snowmobile

3D model description

For a very long time, I had been trying to find a project that will challenge my CAD design skills. As the winter comes I come up with an idea to create a 3D printed snowmobile! Sound cool? Isn't it? I spend some time on drawing how it could look like then a looooot of time in Fusion360 and few days on printing. And here it is a really decent, quite big 3D printed snowmobile that I designed. I am proud of it, and hope you will like it :)

Here are the parts that I used:



Springs: X4



608ZZ bearing: X4

623ZZ bearing: X2

Most of the parts were printed on this printer:

For this project, I used a custom Arduino board that I made, but that's the project that I am still working on so it isn't published anywhere. You can use any Arduino board with a DC motor controller instead of it.

3D printing settings

  • 3D model format: STL



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I am maker, mainly I am making robots, electronics stuff, a lot of programming (mostly apps) and 3D printing of course. My projects won few international contests. I also like cycling and skiing. Who I want to be in the feature? Entrepreneur - I want to connect my making passion with business. I already started my entrepreneur carrer, I made an app called Socialize that will simplify adding new friends on social medias. You can check it out here:
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