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Would you mind if i sold physical prints as have a local harry potter fandom asking for some of the wands?

Hello there! I am sorry, you can't sell my models. They are for personal use only. Thank you for the understanding

hi there any chance you can do a mad eye moodys wand ?

Hello there! Definitely on my to do list!

Hi, Tolga, I bought the set of wands, would it be possible to receive the files in STEP or STP as well.?

Hello there, thank you for your support! :)
I'm sorry, I don't know these file types. :( Can you try an online converter, please?

hello good evening from Mexico.
the truth is that I eh become addicted to your stl of wands haha are great, I would only have a request I wish the files that are divided could have a connector like Sirius Black that would be great since some parts come only with a hole or without connector.
that would be all thank you very much for your work is great

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Hello there! Thank you so much for your support and interest! :))
I did not add connector parts to all the wands so that they can be printed without support.
I have also printed the wands many times and found that they stick much better when there is an extra hole in the middle.
Sometimes I drilled holes with an electric screwdriver and inserted double-sided screws on the wands that I wanted to be extra strong. I hope I could help. Have a great day! :)

hello what size is the gryffindor sword please

Hello there. It is suitable for real size printing on Ender 3 printers.

Hi there. I am busy trying to setup your Harry Potter mandrake pot model to print. I noticed on the page you mentioned your printing settings and a printing time of 6 hours. If I use your recommended settings I get around a 16 hour print. Have you got any tips? Or have I missed something

Hello there! The time varies depending on the size of the print. I'm sure I printed it in a small size. :) Unfortunately, I have no tips at the moment, as I have not used a printer for years. :(

My granddaughter and I cosply Professors Snape and McGonnagall for a children's charity in Florda. I have done Snape and the Boggart Snape for MegaCon. My next addition to her Snape wardrobe is a Steampunk version and I was wondering if someone might be able to create a full size walking stick in the shape of his want? Everyone tells me that I need a file first and yours is the closet to the real thing. Is it possible to resize the wand into a stick?

Hello there! You can scale it while printing! It was 3 parts I guess. Make sure you don't stretch the top part. But you can stretch the bottom parts as much as you need.

Selam tolga rica etsem warframe oynunda bulanan warframelerin hepsinin modellerini yapma şansın olur mu???

Merhaba, maalesef yapamam :))

Hello! I love your Tom Riddle diary, it will be an amazing gift. Would you consider adding the "edges" of the diary as a separate model so it could be printed out of different colour filament and glued to the diary? That would be extremely helpful (my painting skills are rubbish).

Hello there! Oh I am sorry I can't. :/ But don't worry it's really so easy to paint! :) And you can also use masking tape.

Thanks for a fast answer! Ok, I'll try! Can you recommend a good paint brand or a specific kind?

dans quel sens s'imprime votre fichier.
Car je vous l'ai acheté hier mais voilà 2 fois que j'essaye et j'ai des fails systématiques.
Je précise qu'avec d'autres fichiers ras.
Merci d'avance pour votre aide.

Hello there, can you tell me which models are we talking about, please? I would love to help you!

Hello, this is the harry potter golden egg.

hello. i really like your designs. i purchased the sirius black wand files, but im having trouble printing them properly. do you have generalized settings for me to start with? fyi, i'm using an ender3 with .6nozzle (hatchbox wood pla). any help would be appreciated.

Hello! Thank you for your support! :) What kind of problems? Have you tried printing them separately and vertically? If you print this wand 2 pieces, you do not need to add support. I have always printed these wands using PLA and 200 Degrees Nozzle and 60 Degrees bed heat. 0.15 layer height will be more than enough for this. Let me know if you need any more questions!

Hey bro, just wandering if the grand wand collection comes with the wands split into quarters, so I can fit them on my build plate?

Hello there! All wands, both Split and One Piece versions, are included in the file.

hello, i have problem with your Tom Riddle diary model - you wrote, that there is no support needed, but how should i print diary, which doesn't have a flat bottom? printer will start printing into air

Hello there. The diary has a flat bottom. You need to print it vertically for using no support. Let me know if you need any further questions. Have a great day! :)

Thanks for fast reply. I will try to send you here screenshot from cura slicer:

Hello again, are you sure this isn't upside down? The diary has a flat bottom and a book design top. This is layer 1.
Now I'm sure it's upside down. Just rotate the model please. :))

hmm no it is not rotated upside down, i tried your slicer and result is same, this is layer 1

Hi, just purchased your Harry Potter wand!! 😊 Its a stupid question but for no supports we have ro print this vertical right?! Love your work. Will be printing alot of these has gifts for me Sister

Hello there! Thank you for your support! :) Yes you need to print them part by part and vertically. Let me know if you need help!

Does the 32 peice wand set also come with the stands like the deathly hallows stand and the others as well

Hello there. There is only 32 wands and 3 gifts. The gifts are Raven Skull Wand & Elk Wood Wand & "W" Weasley Wand Holder

Bonjour concernant la baguette de sureau entre la 2eme pièce et la 3 il n'y pas de quoi raccorder les pièces est il possible de modifier sa ? En vous remerciant d'avance pour votre réponse bonne soirée

Hello there! You just need to glue the parts together. There isn't any connector part. Let me know if you have any questions.

d'accord en vous remerciant autre question j'ai également la baguette de voldemort hors impossible d'imprimer la base de la baguette sans support .... si vous avez une solution merci d'avance

je rencontre un autre problème sur la BAguette vol de mort sur le haut de la baguette lorsque j'arrive à la fin de l'impression sa me créer un décalage ce qui abime le rendu visuel une solution ?

Hi is it possible to Print simba and raffiki in seperate colors ?

Hello there, I cut and combined the parts in a way that would be most suitable for the print. For this reason, it is difficult to separate the two from each other. I'm sorry. :/

No thanks

Hi is it posible simba to sepperate i want it Print in tow Colers on mi sv02

Hello there, I cut and combined the parts in a way that would be most suitable for the print. For this reason, it is difficult to separate the two from each other. I'm sorry. :/

Hi Tolga, I bought the basilisk tusk, I read that afterwards it is better to make a sylicon mold and a polyresin model, can you advise me on what to use for the final colors on the polyresin model. Thanks you

Hello there! Thank you for your support! :) You can use Smooth On silicone to make a mold. It's the best. Again use Smooth on Polyresin. And just use Brown Antique Paint and gently wipe it with a cloth. I used a local brand. You can use any brand. I'm sure it will work. Then apply acrylic black paint for the middle part and done!

Hi, i downloaded the orangutan with cigar but the files dont work. Do you have them in STL format? Thanks

Hello there! I just uploaded an STL file. Can you try it, please? Let me know if you need help.

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Thanks mate it looks great!

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Hi! I just bought your "sword of griffindor" model, but unfortunately the Cura slicer sofware tells me something is wrong with the 4th part model. Can you please help? Thanks in advance! Olaf

Hello there! Thank you for your support! :) I uploaded the new files. Can you try again, please? Let me know if you need help.

Amazing! Thanks, the 4th file also works now!

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What's up, good day. I wish I could buy Sirius Black's wand. Is there a way that it can be made unique, between that purchase?

Hello there. I'm not sure I understand, but I don't do custom work if you're asking.

Hello, i just purchases your harry potter wand model. But when I put the two separate files in i can't seem to figure out how to connect them after print, there is just two holes in both of the parts, at the connection point

Hello! Those holes are just for better sticking together when you apply glue. You just need to glue the parts together. There isn't any connector part. Let me know if you have any questions.

Ahh okay. Correct me if I'm wrong. So The idea is that I fill the two holes with some superglue and then press them together?

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Yes! :)

do you have this in an stl format please

Hello there, which model?

Hi, do you think you could make a dice tower out of your AWESOME raven castle? I´d really love that, I love the design of it! :)

Hello there! I don't have any plan like that. Thank you for your beautiful comment! :))

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Would you consider it? I think many people would love to buy and use it:)