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That would be really great! The hole diameter would be 8mm, it's positioned directly at the bottom. There should also be a cut for the microphone (it's visible one first picture you posted), I think if we look at the earpad as a circle the position of the microphone can be 120 degrees counting from the top.

I have no access to these earphones anymore but tell me the diameter and position of the hole and I'll make a new stl with he hoe for the cable

Hello! I have the same Jabra earphones, but in mine the broken part is the one with microphone. Have you been trying to put your repairing ring on that side? Does it fit? Or do you think cutting a hole to put the microphone through it would work? The microphone doesn't have to move, it would be enough if the earphones just stay on my head in one piece.

buenos dias, e visto tu diseño para soportar libros, tengo una pregunta, en que posicion se imprime y que tipo de soportes usas?, un saludo

hola, la rejilla acostada, con soporte, la base triangula puesta de modo que la guia queda en angulo y no necsita soporte