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Hello! I just downloaded the axolotl and I’ve printed it twice now but I’m having issues with the right leg joint (if you’re looking at in face) the other legs print perfectly but both times the same leg doesn’t connect to a thick joint. I even moved the print location on my bed thinking it might be a printer error but it’s the same flaw in the exact same place

I just reuploaded!:)

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Hello, i bought the 3D file of the axolotl. The pieces is assembled but do i have to separate them to 3D print ?
can i launch the 3D print like that (originally)?
Where do i start 3D printing the entire model ?

Hi! The model is made so you can print it in one piece! When you separate the axolotl from the buildplate it will be articulated

is there anyway to make this a zip file....i cant download it

Hi! Sure, send me an e-mail and I’ll send a zip file to you!

I just modified the head connections, do you need me to modify the body connections too?

Thanks for your updating, I have downloaded it, but could you please answer: did you increase all body connections? Or only for the head? I deleted a previous version and I can't compare. The main problem was in head and body connection and a middle connection in the body. I am going to print it, so I need to know

hello, I have some problems with hammerhead shark. The connections along the head and the body are too thin. Could you please update the model and to widen the connections. They are too fragile now.

Sure i'll do it during the weekend thanks for letting me know!

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Хорошо, спасибо Сейчас проверю. Если что напишу.

Ну смысл в том что сайт мне даёт скачать именно то что я купила. Повторно выкидывая на мой файл. По другому я проверить ни как не могу. Произвела покупку в час дня по московскому времени.

Okay I'll fixed it and re-uploaded in a few minutes. When i do can you tell me if the problems continue?

For now the problem is in the legs right? Are there any problems in the body?

I just upload the fixed model. If it doesn't change you cand send me an email and I'll send you the stl.

Здравствуйте, вчера купила вашу модель у нее есть брак у лапы.Если модель положить на стол лицом к вам то правая задняя лапа не закольцованна. И да как было выше сказано модель не лежит на столе.

Hi! I already fixed that problem can you check the last model and in case it still a problem you tell me:)

Ну из того что мне дает сайт. осталась все таже проблема. Я заново скачала модель, но ни единой ошибки не исправленно.

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А как давно вы исправили эту ошибку? я покупала ее вчера.

I fixed yesterday like 20 hours ago from now, anyway I'll check it

I think the file needs edited, the front leg joints, are lower than the flat spot. Those rings making the joint need to be flattened

I tried to load in Tinkercad but to many triangles.

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Thanks for the observation I’ll check it and re-upload it

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Very quick repair also. Thanks again.

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Do you have another copy of this axolotl by any chance because this one seems to have extremely fragile joints. My son and daughter are both on their third one already and two of them broke coming off the print board. They are great and my kids love them if only the joints were a little bit sturdier.

Hi thanks you for telling me! I’ll work in the joints this week and re-upload it

Hi! just to let you know i uploaded another copy with better joints i hope it works now!:)