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I build and modified your 1/24 horse trailer for a off-road subframe. You can see it in my make… is there a way you change your license on this that allows modifications? I would like to share the remix if possible. I would only share the top pices, not your frame, that made it fit on the thingiverse model.
I understand if you just say „no“. No hard feelings.

Thanks and have a nice one.

Thanks for choosing this design. Your make looks fantastic. Licence is modified I hope in the right way. However , you asked for and I agree. Have fun and thanks again

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Yes I think the license is fit for remixing now. Thank you and have a great day!

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Hello. Sorry for this trouble . There are two parts on the file set. Possible trouble with cults.
Please send an email to and I will send you back thé file set by email asap. Thanks for downloading this files.
Happy New year

bonjour je viens de télécharger le modèle fusée tintin 400 mm mais je m'aperçois du manque de définition (maillage) possible d'augmenter le maillage ?

Bonjour, je viens de télécharger les pièces avec une meilleure résolution. Merci pour votre téléchargement. Vous devriez recevoir un lien pour télécharger à nouveau, si ce n'est pas le cas envoyez moi un Email

Just downloaded your Ferris Wheel STL files, and so far so good. Thanks! Do you have any other STLdesigns on Cults?

Thank you very much for dowloading those files. It's a huge project but at the end a very big model. My other files are here :

Hello do you make and sell because I see a few of your things that I'm interested in but have know way to print them thanks

Thanks for your interest. Where are you located. Honestly I do not use to make and sell as it take a lot of time and it is just a hobby. My pleasure is to create things. I am verry happy when people like it but do not have time to do the printing for selling. Really sorry

so, how do you access the inside of the tumbler? How are you putting parts in, and tumbling media in? do you just, NOT glue/seal one of the caps?

You have 2 round doors one each side. Each one is screwed to the main part with M4 screws. Nuts have to be put in place inside main part each side, siee picture with all parts. Printed parts have locations for M4 nuts. To access inside you have to unscrew one of the door. hope that help

Oh i see.. I was thinking that.. but i thought for sure, there must have been an easier way.... I would consider that, a major design flaw.. I really like this design too.. I scaled the drum up 150%, for a bigger tumbler volume, and the cost of a commercially available tumbler of this size, would be astronomical.. So, Thank you for the design.. Since I purchased the design, would you provide the Fusion360/STEP files? So i can model in a loading/unloading door.. I think I'll edit one of the drum end caps, to have a bigger opening than your 'window' opening, with a matching recessed cover with 3x (THREE), quarter-turn pins, with a beveled, latching geometry on one end, and such geometry on the other end, that you can tighten them with your thumb.. Then, model in 3x (THREE) matching indexing 'ramps' on the inside surface of the drum end cap.. Then, you can put the cover on, and turn the pins, and the pins 'latching geometry' bevels, will 'ride' up the indexing 'ramps' on the drum cap, and tighten the bigger, newly designed cover, to the drum end cap.... further, i think ill model in an inset, to install a large O-ring between the cover and end cap, to ensure proper seal..


Nous nous penchons sur la fabrication d’une éolienne et j’ai lu que tu envisages de créer un fichier pour les pales opérationnelles. Si jamais on est prêts à payer!


i really like your landies!!! did your drawn yourself or did you buy the files?

Thanks for your interest in those models. I made the 3D design from scratch and printed all you can see here, on FB or Instagram. Happy that you like these designs. None Landies designs are currently released because they are all prototypes with more than 100 parts each. Should be possible in the future but I need to come back again on the design and make assembly notice, what I hate to do as it is a lot of time consuming process.

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true... i made a series 2 88 body. not from scratch, but 80% mofied. and a game 3d file from a ford 9600 modified to a perfect resin printeble file... 100hours on that thing!

i cant even email you .... gmail says it doesnt recognize your email ...

hi so i found some of the instructions but cant figure out how you attach the wheels so they spin also my friend buys the files and i print them we rc together ... could you help me out please

hi could you include some instructions i bought the files and had to translate to english but zero instructions or how many of what part to print ?

Hi, I can't find what you downloaded, the messages here are not linked to items. Either you change your ID. Please send me an Email :

sry i should have said it is the expedition camper 1/24

sry agian lol i will email

This Email is valid, I am sorry your google do not recognize. is also valid. However it makes me feel it is not so fair as you did not buy the files. Send me an Email I will provide necessary support.

Could I get a couple pictures of the bottom of the trailer so I can see how assemble the suspension parts.
This is regarding the expedition trailer with the 2 kayaks on it for the scx24

Thank you

Hi, I just add some pics of this assembly in the description, pics section, please have a look

Could I get a couple pictures of the bottom of the trailer so I can see how assemble the suspension parts.
This is regarding the expedition trailer with the 2 kayaks on it for the scx24

Thank you

Hi, I just add some pics of this assembly in the description, pics section, please have a look

Could I get a couple pictures of the bottom of the trailer so I can see how assemble the suspension parts.
This is regarding the expedition trailer with the 2 kayaks on it for the scx24

Thank you

Hi, I just add some pics of this assembly in the description, pics section, please have a look

Hey I’m interested in one of your gooseneck trailers for a one and 10 scale how do I contact you

You can send an Email to

What are the dimensions for the SCX24 bridge's largest part? Just want to make sure it'll fit on my printer bed before purchasing. Thanks!

Just a suggestion for a product: portal axle for SCX24 :)

Everything is possible with a 3D design software. This kind of trailer required to be based on the current version to save time and add multiple panels and a frame structure . If you want realistic interior much more to do. I have several things and projects waiting for available time already.. I am afraid I will not work on that soon despite it could be interesting to get such a trailer. Very sorry

bonjour j'ai acheter le fichier GIANT WHEEL / FERRIS WHEEL / GRANDE ROUE / 1 METRE serai t il possible d'avoir plus de photos ou un plan de montage merci . Voici mon Email : Cordialement .

Serai t il possible d'avoir plus de photos précises pour l'assemblage ?

Bonjour oui c'est possible j'ai encore la roue chez moi. C'est assez simple en fait. Voici mon Email vous pouvez m'envoyer un mail à chaque fois que vous avez besoin d'un détail, je vous ferai une photo ou une vue 3D et ce sera plus facile pour vous envoyer les photos par Email

Hi I was looking to buy the files for your can trailer but I can’t find the file for the trailer frame itself

Hi , thank you for your interest in this design. Don't be worried the chassis file is included. Hope you will enjoy that trailer.

is their by any chance you have a file or have made a file to adapt the ball design of this bed to fit the big country trailer sold on amazon..... I bought and printed your flat bed gooseneck file for the atlas and I need some kind of adaptor to make it work with the trailer I have. I love the design of your flat bed but I do need to adapt it to work with my trailer

Hi again, I have just sent the files by Email.

I just receive the updated version,is a pretty cool little trailer,I'll send you pictures when is finished,thanks for your help 👍

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Ok, sorry again, You didn't sent me an Email to let me send you the nato hitch for free. It would be great to see your print, please send pictures. Enjoy printing and assembling.

Hi,I purchase the scx24 camping trailer but I can find the file for the main frame of the trailer,can you tell me the name of the file, thanks

My mistake I am terribly sorry you are the first buyer. I have added it now you should be able to download it. Or send me an Email to and I will send you back the file and the nato hitch to apologize
Thanks again for your purchase