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bonjour j'ai acheter le fichier GIANT WHEEL / FERRIS WHEEL / GRANDE ROUE / 1 METRE serai t il possible d'avoir plus de photos ou un plan de montage merci . Voici mon Email : Cordialement .

Serai t il possible d'avoir plus de photos précises pour l'assemblage ?

Bonjour oui c'est possible j'ai encore la roue chez moi. C'est assez simple en fait. Voici mon Email vous pouvez m'envoyer un mail à chaque fois que vous avez besoin d'un détail, je vous ferai une photo ou une vue 3D et ce sera plus facile pour vous envoyer les photos par Email

Hi I was looking to buy the files for your can trailer but I can’t find the file for the trailer frame itself

Hi , thank you for your interest in this design. Don't be worried the chassis file is included. Hope you will enjoy that trailer.

is their by any chance you have a file or have made a file to adapt the ball design of this bed to fit the big country trailer sold on amazon..... I bought and printed your flat bed gooseneck file for the atlas and I need some kind of adaptor to make it work with the trailer I have. I love the design of your flat bed but I do need to adapt it to work with my trailer

Hi again, I have just sent the files by Email.

I just receive the updated version,is a pretty cool little trailer,I'll send you pictures when is finished,thanks for your help 👍

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Ok, sorry again, You didn't sent me an Email to let me send you the nato hitch for free. It would be great to see your print, please send pictures. Enjoy printing and assembling.

Hi,I purchase the scx24 camping trailer but I can find the file for the main frame of the trailer,can you tell me the name of the file, thanks

My mistake I am terribly sorry you are the first buyer. I have added it now you should be able to download it. Or send me an Email to and I will send you back the file and the nato hitch to apologize
Thanks again for your purchase

bonjour le modelé grande roue de 1 métré étais gratuit sut thingiverse et il ne l'ai plus j'ai eu un probleme avec mon disque dur je les perdu il me manque des piece merci

Bonjour, les temps changent, les fichiers ne sont plus sur Thingiverse et maintenant payants pour me permettre de financer d'autres projets. Merci d'avance pour votre compréhension

Hi, I purchase the Wind turbine and builted the 1/100 model. I was wondering what king of relay you use for the blanking led. It seems I can't find tiny one like yours. And did you use resistors to limit voltage? Thank you very much! I also speak french if you prefer (Québec).

Bonjour à la jolie province du Quebec ! et merci pour votre intérêt pour ce design maintenant assez ancien. J'ai utilisé une led auto clignotante alimentée en 3v si mes souvenirs sont bons, sans résistance. Depuis j'ai utilisé un arduino nano pour faire clignoter ou flasher des leds selon un motif personnalisé, c'est peu cher et il y a la place dans le pied pour positionner l’Arduino. Dans ce cas il faut alimenter en 5V et utiliser une sortie pour la led et la sortie 3v de l'arduino pour alimenter le moteur. beaucoup de possibilités y compris faire varier la vitesse de rotation du moteur si besoin. bonne réalisation. Cette éolienne fonctionne toujours dans la classe de collège de ma femme après de nombreuses années.

Hello I purchased your sxc24 gooseneck trailer file and started printing parts however it appears I didn’t not get the files for the neck of the trailer the triangular part that goes down and onto the hitch on the truck? Help please.

Hi, sorry for this, I though everything was inside. Nobody told me about that pb yet. I will check this evening the file set . Please send me an Email @ in order for me to send you directly the files you did not get. thanks or your interest in this design.

Hi , double checking today, seems all files included specially the ones you specify. there is a A frame and a kind of pime in which the hitch is going to join the ball on the truck. Email is above for direct contact if necessary

Greetings, which model do you want to sell copies ? This platform is not showing messages in association with models.

Greetings, may I sell printed copies of this model?

what specification for the motor do i need to order?

which design are you talking about ?

I'm wanting to use the roof rack and gooseneck trailer

hey man I cant find the file for the roof rack. The version I'm wanting is the one with it just over the hood NOT the long version

hi my name is hugo and I just ordered an axial c10 can I please get some of your files. free I have nothing left after I have bought c10 can i get the stl files for de front and rear bumper and the small bed shell. My gmail is

Hello, I very much enjoy your designs for the SCX24! I just printed the phone mount, but I needed a 1/4-20 mount for my camera so I designed one. If you'd like the sty to include in your package I'm happy to sent it over. Good work!

Sorry I missed your message. You can also add the STL on this platform
Thanks to have downloaded my design and happy to see you like it.

Sorry for this late answer. I had no bumpers until today. Please check again my designs you will find one for the front and one for the rear is coming.

Do you have any front bumper designs for the scx24 c10? I need a bumper and mount.

ok gracias, yo iré mirando y poco a poco los iré descargando, saludos

Pongo todas las cosas interesantes que funcionan. Con todos los elementos de los elementos principales puedes hacer muchos obstáculos nuevos.

el balancin no esta funcionando bien asi que no he publicado . Hice trabas con los elementos de los que publiqué, tal vez estos sean los que ves. Seguramente haré otros pero estoy de momento en otros proyectos.

Ok, muchas gracias, y para los obstáculos no principales, que veo en la foto en segundo plano, como se ve un balancín y más, como los puedo conseguir

hola, todos los obstáculos principales están para descargar, Todos son compatibles entre sí. puedes hacer combinaciones,

ejemplo un puente 50mm y un puente 100mm con un lado sin rampa pero conectado con la parte superior del puente más grande que está redondeado

Hola tienes más diseños de obstáculos para scx24, en las fotos se ven más pero no está la descarga