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hi I'm a despite cosplayer who's very interesting in your 3d modeling talent! I've been desperately searching for someone who can 3d print star guardian seraphine's hover board. I saw your amazing seraphine model and was wondering if you can make the star guardian board. I don't even need her model just the board. if I can contact you please let me know. I'm trying to get this prop done by Dec 13th I know it's not much time but the other modeler I was commissioning from bailed last minute so I'm really really desperate. thank you in advance for reading.

sorry, i dont have time to work it at the moment

Hello, I would be interested in the basic skin thresh and blood moon thresh design. Could you get those designs?

I have that but at the moment i dont have time to design it. sorry

Hello I would be interested in dragon ball androids? can you pack all androids? please ,thank you.

Hi. Any chance you know where I can get STLs of the Ocean Crawlers from Sea of Thieves? I was hoping to add them for a 28mm game session

Sorry, i dont have that model

Hola buenas, podrias sacar la skin de ashe proyecto.
En si me gustaria hacer la colección de todas las skins de proyecto y las skins de luna de sangre.

Bom dia amigo! Eu me interessei pelo seu modelo do Titan sorridente (link:, porém eu estava querendo fazer uma impressão de 38 cm dessa figura, mas como não possuo uma impressora 3D eu pedi a um profissional aqui da minha cidade que o fizesse para mim, ele deu uma olhada no seu link que eu mandei (Observação: Ainda não comprei o arquivo, então não chegamos a olhar ele aberto de fato), mas o receio dele é que: 1- O resultado fique com partes finas que ficarão quebradiças; 2- O modelo em si não ter cortes ou espaços para encaixes; 3- Imprimir essa peça única com 38 cm seria problemático e ficaria frágil demais nos dedos e cabelos; 4- Além de não ficar em pé devido ao tronco muito exagerado comparada as pernas finas.
Sendo assim eu queria saber de você se essas dúvidas procedem, e se caso sim, se é possível estar fazendo algo para mudar isso?

Suggestion in english:

Good morning mate! I was interested in your model of the smiling Titan (link:, but I was wanting to make a 38 cm of this picture, but as I don't have a 3D printer I asked a professional here in my city to do it for me, he took a look at your link that I sent (Note: I haven't bought the file yet, so we haven't looked at open in fact), but his fear is that: 1- The result will be thin parts that will be brittle; 2- The model itself does not have cuts or spaces for fittings; 3- Printing this single piece with 38 cm would be problematic and would be too fragile on the fingers and hair; 4- In addition to not standing up due to the very exaggerated trunk compared to thin legs.
So I would like to know from you if these doubts are valid, and if so, is it possible to be doing something to change this?

any recommendations on the Pikkon print, like oritation and what type of supports if any would you recommend

Hello there!
I would like to ask you, is it possible to make a new League of Legends mini .stl file? I was searching most of the 3D sites for Sorceress Lux, but couldn't find any...Would it be possible to make one? Sadly I think that I didn't see this model inbetween your collection, neither anywhere else :(
I would like to have that one from wallpaper in front of moon sitting on her staff, or either the one with book also sitting on her staff in middle air :)
Thanks for the reply :)

Hi. I see this model is quite meager and ugly so i dont try to work on it :D

Any way you can do the wild rose compass from sea of thieves?

hi, i dont have this model. Sorry

hello, sorry for late reply, Did you finish download them. I contact to you to your email but it doesn't exist

Hey, would you be willing to upload some of the other models from One Punch Man A Hero Nobody Knows? I would really like Garou or Atomic Samurai.

I'm plan to do it but dont have time to working on them this time. I will try to make some of them in the future

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Hello, will it be legal and allowed to sell printed Versions of your files?
Im interested in printing and selling your Clockwerk from Dota.

Yeah you could print them and sell it

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hola, te he comprado varios archivos aqui en cults, y me gustaria pedirte algun personaje personalizado de dragon ball? el problema que tengo es que no puedo abonarte por pay pal, por problemas del pais en que vivo, no me deja cargar dinero a la cuenta

Hi! Im interested in about 300 dragon ball models. Is it any way to buy the whole set? Thank you!

Hey there,
what support settings and layer height did you use for your print of the Oozaru Vegeta figure?

Hi, I'm not remember it because it's a longtime i dont use fdm to print, sorry about that

How much do i have to scale Sea of Thieves ferryman cutlass to be lifesize

hello, now it's just 10 cm, you can scale x8 ~ x10

in your designs you always put a tutorial on how to separate the parts of an action figure, but the program you suggest no longer exists, could you tell me how to do it in fusion 360 please?

Thank you

Hola buenas tardes, compré y descargué de tu colección de Dragon Ball una figura llamada " Krillin (Armadura Saiyan) modelo 3D" pero la descarga no se corresponde con esa descargó una de Krilin con el unifrome normal rojo.
¿Podrias de alguna manera pasarme la descarga correcta?
¡Gracias un saludo!

hello, thank you so much for this notice, i'm sorry for wrong model, I just update it, you could redownload it or give me your email. I will sent it

¡Solucionaste el problema al instante! Muchas gracias por el buen trato, me encantan tus diseños,¡Son increibles!

Hey, im interested in your entire DBZ collection. Are they only sold individually or is there a bundle somewhere?

hi, i just wanna sell them individually

good night, can you change the toguro's pose, so that he can hold the leigan with both hands

tengo problemas con la nave de cooler de dragon ball te la compre pero no lo agarra el programa creati de la ender 5

i have made this model this for one block and it will quite hard to print at small size with fdm printing, what is your trouble

I bought model kurapika, but i want it with colors can you help me please?

sorry, i just made it for 3d printing so i dont work on skin

hola buenas tardes, el modelo no viene cortado ??

yes, it one block

Could you make the eren colossal titan into pieces, arms, legs, head separate from torso

sorry i dont have time to do it

hi can u make the smoke dragon or the blue dragon that 7 dragon sin frist form

and model bacteria that from goku kid trournament