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Will you be having a Black Friday sale this year?

Hi. Lychee reports the c'tan shard as non-manifold, so I repaired it in Fusion360. Additionally, I having tried printing it at least six or eight times. There is an area on the shawl that is too thin and looking at it closely in the slicer, it has holes and a bad seam. I've tried scaling it up to 140% and it keeps failing there.

Hi, I can see you have some really nice banners, but no Blood Angels banner. Are you going to make one?

Email me at and I can help you out.

Hi, I recently downloaded the c'tan shard hoping I could break it down a little in mesh mixer. Is there any chance I could have a copy of the file with the head section and the fabric separate?
Id like to change what I'm doing on the head and mount it a different way.

Resent :) thanks!

@infra please email me at --- I will recheck my spam folder, but I did not receive your email - let's try again!

I’m interested in having a custom chapter symbol made - I’ve sent you an email if you’re interested/available :)

do you do custom chapter symbols?

I'll upload for you. ;-D

Hey any chance you could upload a banner with no symbol in the centre?

Hey no rush! Thanks!

I am sorry, I did not forget about your request - I'll hopefully will have it up soon!

Should be up by this weekend. Thanks for the request! Same price.

Any chance you can make a scythes of the emperor banner. And if so would it be the same cost as the current ones or more?