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Hola que tal, una consulta, no encuentro imanes de neodimio de 6 x 2.75 mm, ¿los puedo reemplazar por imanes de 6 x 3.0 mm?

Send me the string shooter
I got 2 million views for your designs

How can I help?

Hi, Thank you for your delightful model Hummingbird. I have downloaded the .stl files, but I cannot find Could you point me to where I can locate it?

hi. is it possible to get your email ?

Te Amo!!! es justo lo que estaba buscando!
muchas Gracias por las maquina de domino rosa y verde! <3

Would it be possible to email me the assembly skp file/assembly instructions? For some reason my pc won't display the file in English.
Thanks. I think my pc is too old for some of this stuff.

Hello sir, I just found your projects and I really like it.
I was searching for a air pump while I tumbled here, and found your air pump project. I was thinking about adapting a air pump to open and close a small frame, like a door. It is a small and also plastic PLA frame.
Would that be possible with your project Mr.?

I am running a ender 3 when i run the chef hat from the magic chef it keeps stopping it did this about 8 times i would have to power down and resume print.
it's not like its overheating it ran other programs for hours and never did this so far only on the hat.

Vos réalisations sont excellentes ! - Your achievements are excellent !

Hi opacmano,

Certainly, what did you have in mind?


It's possible to talk to you about project ?

Hi! I appeal to you about the geared heart, hand crank edition. I downloaded the link and have already printed it. But where can I find the rest of the details?

Hi Joe,

Boy, this model was designed quite a few years back.

I did spend time trying to locate a similar gear box and could not do so, and my walking t-rex is long gone. If you have a gear box recommendation, I'll do my best to update the design to include it.

Truly sorry,


My son (who is autistic) was captivated by the video of the "blue t-rex windup" walker. Makerbot no longer makes the windup toy from which the windup mechanism was taken to build the t-rex. Can you provide any information as to where I can find a compatible walking mechanism for the walking t-rex? Even better if you have a working t-rex you would be willing to sell.