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Hello. I was one of your backers when you did the "Sandwave" Kickstarter last year. My Alia figure has 2 left legs in the file, but no right leg. can you help me with this? thanks. By the way, I have been printing these figures for the last two days and they are AMAZING!!!


Thank you for backing my campaign! I'm pleased to hear you like the figures. Sorry about the leg issue, it's the first I've heard of it, but there is a easy solution. You should be able to "mirror" the left leg in your slicing software to make a right leg. If that doesn't work for you please contact me via facebook on my Vividmotion page. I can send you a link to the files. Thanks again!

Any chance you have plans to make the mandalorian royal guards from TCW. My brother really likes the look of them and I told him I was sure I saw one on Cults3d for sale, but after an hour of looking I couldn't find one (link to what they look like:

Any chance of you making a Betty bot, animated or real?

I put it on my list! No promises when I'll get to it though. Thank you for the suggestion!

Howdy, any way to get my hands on the HR Giger Machine with non-SW heads?

If you go to and search "birthmachine", there is a free original version.

Hi there! Do you sell your Star Wars figures in a pack? Do the parts actually fit well so they can be posed? I bought a file with 52 Star Wars figures and was very excited to print. So far the only one that fit well out of 7 was Luke Skywalker from ROTJ.

I am trying to figure out how to get the limbs to seat properly but using resin... if they are too small then the pins break. Too big and they just fall off.

Hi! Unfortunately I don't have a "pack". Cults just doesn't have a tool to make it easy for selling multiple files at once. A majority of my figure utilize straight peg and hole joints. Usually as big as possible for strength. If anything the joints are usually a little "tight". I'd rather them be that way then too loose. That way people can sand/file the peg to get the desired amount of friction fit articulation. Since the tolerances depend so much on the type of printer (filament, resin) and the type/brand used of resin, it's just easier to have them slightly tighter. Hope this helps. :)

Chatter would be GREAT! Or even Angelique style body modification would really pop. Get his processors exposed, and wiring to the shoulders holding the cranium casing peeled open.
I look forward to see what you imagine, so please keep me posted!

Looks awesome. What sort of printer do you use to print off your figures? What type of material resin or filament?

I use a Anycubic Mono SE (resin printer) for most of my figures.

Love your stuff, bud! The Hell Droid came out SPECTACULAR! Any thought to working up a C-3P0 Cenobite, to have a matched set of weird?

Thank you! Glad you like him! Hellraiser has always been a favorite franchise of mine, so I will definitely be be revisiting it. Maybe a Chatterer C-3PO? we'll see.... Thank you again!

hi just wondering if you can do some more figures from the tales of the jedi comic book series :Ulic Qel-Droma, Nomi Sunrider, Exar Kun, Satal Keto, Aleema Keto and Krath warriors thanks again for your great work.

Hi! Thank you for the suggestions! I can't promise if or when I can get to them, but I do make a list of all suggestions. Some of these are already on my list so they will get a little boost. Thank you for your support!

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Hello sir, some time ago I ordered this extraordinary Bananaman 3D file but I never received it...can you tell me about it's whereabouts? Or send it once again to . I would like to order the Ellen Ripley figure as well but I have to make sure orders are being delivered, at first. Thanks for your service and understanding.

Hi! Immediately after paying for a file you will be brought to a screen that gives you the options to download the files, or have them printed by a affiliate. Files are not sent directly to your email. If you didn't download the files after paying, Cults does have a record of your downloads and lets you redownload them at any time. Go to your profile icon on the top right if your screen. Select the tab and scroll down to "Downloads". You will be brought to a list of all your previous downloads. Simply the find the files you are looking for, hit download. You will be brought to another screen that has the "download now" button or option to have it printed by a affiliate. Just hit the download now button and the files should be saved to whereever your downloaded files are stored. Hope this information helps. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Do you do commissions for custom designs?

Hi! suggestions are always welcome, but if you are looking to have a specific figure designed I would try for freelance 3D designers. It's where I find designer help, when I need it.


HI, great figures! Have you a Patreon or similar page?
Thanks in advance, regards!

I get that questions quite a bit. I don't think I would be able to offer people enough exclusive content to justify them spending their hard earned cash on a subscription, plus I wouldn't want to feel like I'm alienating anyone who is just a casual follower. I have my Instagram account where I make regular posts on projects I'm working on, @vividmotioncustoms . I do have a paypal donations link at the bottom of profile if anyone is feeling generous, otherwise Instagram is the best way to interact with me. I do check my facebook account as well, but it is less up-to-date. Hope this helps, thank you for the interest and inquiry!

Thanks for your answer. I am interested in all the Star Wars action figures, but buying them all is a very high value, that's why the question about Patreon.
Unless can you give me a value for all the Star Wars action figure designs?
I have more than 30 years of Star Wars collecting and, living in Argentina, there are many action figures that have not arrived and will not arrive.
And your models would allow me to print the figures that I want to have in my collection.
I hope we can move forward with an agreement on prices to be able to have them
Thank you very much

I think we can probably work something out on a bulk file buy. Send me a message on me Instagram or facebook account.

hi there
your new r2 custom is missing a leg

Hi! The legs are identical, just print two of them. :)

Hello, are you ever going to make the Tonnika sisters from the Cantina? That is def one of the most desired unmade figures that will never get.made officially

Hi there, could you make a Jedi Master Tera Sinube for your vintage collection to make available for download?

Thanks so much - character reference at the link below.

Hi! Thank you for the suggestion! I really like the character and put him on my list. I can't promise when I'll get to him, but he's near the top.

hi friend
jedi old republic figure?

Which figure?

Hi, could you make the vintage TRON figures?

I havent really thought about it, but unfortunately I just don't think there would be enough interest.

well make one and see how people react...

are the .stl files for the DUNE figures completely unavailable forever now? I would REALLY like to attain them!

I'm working on a kickstarter campaign that will include all of them at a reduced price. Not sure when it will launch, but in the next week or two. After the campaign ends they will be available again.

Hi! I have launched my Kickstarter including the Dune figure. You can get all 22 figures files for half the price. Here's the link:

LEGEND, love your latest figure from Tales Of The Jedi. Can not wait to see more Thanks again

Thank you! Very much appreciated!

Hello There! Im looking to become a repro star wars maker myself in the near future and I had some questions regarding your sculpts. I was wondering if you'd have any problems if I were to make molds of your products and resell them with proper credit given to you. Would that be fine with you? Would we have to work out some sort of monetary split? Or are you not OK with the premise itself? Regardless of your answer I just want to let you know that I think you do great work and your products have been a great source of inspiration and motivation. I hope to here back from you soon and I wish you the best

Hey! I guess I wouldn't be adverse to you making molds, presumably to make ready to go figures for people who don't have printers? I've thought about it before myself, but got my hands full as is. It is something I would defintely be willing to discuss. For a more direct conversation, you can contact via my facebook or my instagram account. Both are in my profile. Thank you for reaching out. I'm very happy to help get peoples creative juices going!

Appears to be missing the astromech legs in the downloadable file :(

Oops! Sorry for the misstep! (pun intended). I have uploaded legs for the figure.

hi do you have leesub? thanks

I do not have Lessub, but the shop I work with Trash Compactor does. Follow this link:

maybe you can get some of the figures from trashcompactor if you work with him like the tanaka sister Chewbacca's family and leesuband the jedi knight seris with ani and obi and mace i have got all the figs you have made and fixing to buy the last 2 i need so maybe you can get some more figs thanks

Hi! Trashcompactor prefers to keep the files he designed inhouse, so people do not print and distribute his figures. Sorry.. Thank you for your support!

yes the printing software and meshlab wouldnt open it

I think there was a problem when I uploaded the file. I reuploaded it, so it hould be good. Thank you again for bringing it to my attention and thank you for the support! It is very much appreciated.