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Hello! I was just curious are these STL files and models are they "fixed" as in they can't be moved out of that pose when getting the STL? I like multiple poses so I was just curious.

Hello! My modelsare posable, sorry. They are conceived as statues for collectors and painter.

Hello, can just your specific regular dinosaurs (not the other copyrighted/IP brands material; but your dinos) be used as 3d animated characters (encrypted/file can't be reached or sold) in a commercial video game (not for printing use but commercial video game use, the models only appear in the game, as 3d characters moving around; only the video game itself is sold)? Thank you in both cases.

Hello, in order to animate the model it needs a specific topology which is not the one I use in my models. Anyway if you are interested in somekind of collaboration in that sense I am available, but i have to sculpt the piece from scratch. Looking forward for you reply.
Best regards.