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Can I sell the prints?

Hello I really love your, I was curious if you would be able to create a high quality bust from an image or video of someone or people ?

Yes, but the likeness would depend on the quality of the reference material and the time available to do it.


I am searching for an high quality bust from an influencer. I paid someone on fiver to make it but it doesn't look. as good as i hoped.
What would it cost to make an bust?

I guess that depends on how accurate and detailed you want it. Anywhere from 5 bucks to infinity.

Hello, this work is amazing! Just wondering, is the face/head life-sized or more of a mini bust? Thanks!


we are a Web3D Search Engine, we would like to propose you something via email

Best regards,

Thanks for the Saya stl! I used NetFab to fix holes and rescaled it to 25%. I'll let you know what the print looks like.

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Hello, We are a company that produces filaments for 3D printers. I wanted to ask for a permission: we love your project and would like to 3D print it using our filament and publish the photo after printing on our website.

Hello, I would really like to print your MOTORBALL ALITA but I cannot print the obj files... Would it be possible to get these in stl format?

Felicitaciones muy buenos diseños gracias por compartirlos

Hi, I have a question for the conan stl file.
Is it possible to get the seperate files? crown/head/etc.

thanks in advance,

Hello Toshi
little question,
can you please tell me which colors you use for your Motorbal Alita?
This is really beautiful

I am very impressed by the quality of your 3d sculptures and in particular of your busts (princess leia, denerys, indiana jones, etc ....).
Could you model a head or a bust with head from personal photos and at what price? cordially

I absolutely love the big chungus you did- have you ever considered trying your hand at a Polish Jerry?
I feel like the art style would be a piece of cake for you and idk about anyone else but I'd pay money for an STL.

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