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Hi, do you also print items? I’m interested in the autobot shuttle.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I need to figure out if there is a setting here on Cults that allows me to receive a notice when someone messages me here. So I figure it would cost about $20 with shipping in the US. Currently I'm running a 16 hour print so it may have to wait until tomorrow. Also, the orange and grey colors I have are an odd metallic orange like what I used on my Teletran-1 design here and a bit of a darker grey. My email is if you want to discuss this further. Thank you.

Hey, thanks for that Scrounge model. He's coming out really nicely on my SLA printer with yellow resin!

Cool. Since he was intended for FDM, his joints might be a bit loose and I am not sure how well the resin will flex for the ball joints. Good luck.

Hello, I can't really say if this will fit a Universe Cosmos. The file is free so just download it and try it out. You can always play with the scaling too.

hey I got a question about your scrounge kit. i'm wondering if you think that it would be compatible with a normal universe cosmos, thanks.

Hello, sorry for the late reply. Je parlez petite Francais. Took it in Highschool. I will try to get this translated and up soon. Thank you.

Hi! I saw your non-verbal autism help tool- it is amazing thanks! My son understands only French though... is there a possibility to either translate it or tell me how to do it?
I can give you the correct translation as well and you will be able to sell it on cults.