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Really loved how this ettercap turned out

Thank you :)

I've downloaded your dryad but both files are the same and I'm missing extra detail on the base. Can you update please

thanks for your update

I bought 2 files from the casual mule pack with 2 different layouts but they are the same files. I'm not happy, I paid 2 times the same thing

It was just an upload error, do not worry. I will update the listing, but here is the correct versions plus new base versions.

Hey, do you have a bundle price if i want to buy a collection or all of your very nice models?? :D

Hello! For access to everything is available on Patreon for $10.50/month :)

I'm having an issue with the gnome-tinkerer that I upsized to 203mm ( 8" ) when slicing in prussa I get an error saying its missing layers.
I'm printing at .10 resolution

So I uploaded a new version, but I had the same error in Cura. I can slice it up to 7 inches tall, but not 8 inches? Such a bizarre problem. The model is solid and manifold, no issues in Meshmixer or ZBrush. I have printed in multiple times in resin too!

I went ahead and gave you a refund. Feel free to try the new version or just scale it down a few inches.

Good morning. First, let me thank you for the prompt response. I wasn't able to redownload it as cults had already completed the refund, but IN PRUSA, I normally use cura, I opened the original stl and it said it found and auto corrected 30 errors. I think upsized it to 170mm Z with no issues, and was able to go all the way to 200 and still not have errors. So opening it in prusa and using that to scale somehow fixed something. Do you have a recommended line resolution? I'd like to retain all the detail I can. This will be printed with a .4mm FDM

HELP! I've downloaded your Dryad. I tried to put it into my slicer and then run it but it showed that it had errors. I then tried to repair them in Meshmixer, it wont.
can you check the model again?

I check all of my models in Meshmixer and test print them. This one in particular I've printed about 5 times. I will double check the file anyway in case something funny happy when it was uploaded. Just because an error was reported doesn't mean the file is un-printable. The main concern would be holes in the mesh.

Just downloaded the version from Cults3D. Had quite a few errors, but no holes are printable issues. Uploaded another version that I just cleared through MeshMixer again for peace of mind but either version will print just fine. Cheers, Mia Kay

Hello Mia:
I just downloaded this wolf and would like to reformat it for printing and selling (locally in spain). Is there a possibility of obtaining a commercial license on it?

Thanks for contacting me! I do offer commercial licenses.

It is $40/month for permission to sell 3D prints of all of my models paid through Patreon.

First off... Thanks for this mini! I have been looking for a good Cthulhu mini for my pathfinder campaign. This question goes for anybody. I'm wanting to print it as Gargantuan sized. Any suggestions for the size change in Cura? Gargantuan have a 4 inch base. Converted to mm that is 101.6mm and when I set it that it does look big enough.

I asked did you get the fed ex tracking number delivered to me yet

First off I just want to say you are amazingly talented. I was wondering how much your class is and where do I go to do that? and How much do you charge for requests?

You can check out my classes here!
I'm not taking commissions currently but if you become a patron ( ), than you can vote on the models I create next!

Hello! I love some of your designs (I uploaded a make of your Ent that turned out great) and I was wondering if you have your Myconid Giant model available for free anywhere?
Thank you.

I'm not sure if that one has made it out to the community yet. I do have my entire library of 400+ models available at my Patreon ( for $5.50.

Hello how does one access the class to learn 3d modelling


Merci pour ton partage d'impression qui rendra ma fille ravie !
Meilleurs voeux d'avance

Could you possibly put a second head on your wolf sculpt? I'm creating a Clash of the Titans set. Madusa needs her dog. I mean dogs!

Your works are awesome!!!

Dear Mia Kay
As a recent owner and user of a resin 3d printer, and an avid D&D player of decades; please let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastically awesome work you have offered here. I literally discovered your incredible portfolio by serendipitous accident, but am SO glad I have. you r work is incredible and inspiring. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Thanks you so much for the kind message!

Hi, I am curious what the commission cost would be if I were to have you make a DND character, a shiba or corgi folk druid?

Look forward to your reply

Hi there, how much would you charge on commissions?

Hi there,
I have a projet in hand that might be of interest, as it involves mechanical compliant mechanical engineering, as well as 3d printing, and I wanted a consultant to help materialize the idea into reality,, would you be interested to learn more about this project...

Yours truly

Hi I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I bought a resin printer not to long ago and enjoy using your work for my D&D hobby. I am utmost grateful for you posting your work for free!! Your detail is amazing especially for monsters!

Nope! Just the one.

Do you have any other Victorian people that you've done (other than the gentleman)?

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