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Merci pour ton partage d'impression qui rendra ma fille ravie !
Meilleurs voeux d'avance

Could you possibly put a second head on your wolf sculpt? I'm creating a Clash of the Titans set. Madusa needs her dog. I mean dogs!

Your works are awesome!!!

Dear Mia Kay
As a recent owner and user of a resin 3d printer, and an avid D&D player of decades; please let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastically awesome work you have offered here. I literally discovered your incredible portfolio by serendipitous accident, but am SO glad I have. you r work is incredible and inspiring. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Hi, I am curious what the commission cost would be if I were to have you make a DND character, a shiba or corgi folk druid?

Look forward to your reply

Hi there, how much would you charge on commissions?

Hi there,
I have a projet in hand that might be of interest, as it involves mechanical compliant mechanical engineering, as well as 3d printing, and I wanted a consultant to help materialize the idea into reality,, would you be interested to learn more about this project...

Yours truly

Hi I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I bought a resin printer not to long ago and enjoy using your work for my D&D hobby. I am utmost grateful for you posting your work for free!! Your detail is amazing especially for monsters!

Nope! Just the one.

Do you have any other Victorian people that you've done (other than the gentleman)?