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Hello, I recently bought your awesome model, but I would like to know if you have the model without the head ornament, as it is shown in the first two pictures, please. Regards !

Hi I just finished printing the Mimic Castle and though its very beautiful, the dice keep catching on the lip of the exit and never make it out of the tower. It doesnt matter what dice i use either, they all get stuck in the same place. Any chance u can fix this and resend me the file?

Hi, I am very impressed with your steampunk skull, busy making a few, going to make a cake stand with them, I design cakes and have a steampunk cake to make, going to need skulls, chains, gears, hat, etc...
Marietta (South Africa)

Hi, really sorry about this but I just ordered the Valkyrie Dice Tower. When I downloaded the files I got the Tiamat Dice Tower for some reason. Hopefully we can figure out a way to resolve this? Using it for Cthulhu: Death May Die, and the Tiamat tower really doesn't work with the overall theme of the game.

Hey i bought your Skull Bowl, wondering if you can just make it a complete skull? I love the bowl but a complete skull would look great also.

Love the dice tower you made! But there are a lot of "hidden" details that you can cut away to make it print a little faster and save on filament. Like the ground details, the also run in the walls, and the little tower also prints inside the big tower, no use for that. Just a little tweak I like to see for other people who going to print this.

Buenas noches, le escribo sobre el Caballo Carrusel. Ahi posibilidad de comprar mas modelos con diferentes posiciones? es para hacer un carrusel con una CNC

Also, I'll give you permission to sell printed versions of my models for this conference. Please contact me if you want to sell beyond this conference. Happy printing!

Sorry for the issues, give this site a try:

Hello, I am trying to purchase 2 models from you on this site, but it will not allow me to. Keeps giving me a "gateway" error. Do you have a Paypal account I can send funds to? I teach HS Engineering program. We want to use these designs to sell to teachers at a Technology Conference we have next week. The kids run the machines and take orders from teachers. The funds we raise go back into the program to pay for filament and service calls on the machines. We have a Facebook group called YMLA Workshop if you need to verify. Also I needed to make sure if we purchase them you are fine with us reselling to teachers at this conference or is it just for personal use only. Thanks, Bart Scott

Oh, I'm so happy you like them! There's more to come!

Hi Hon, thanks for putting up your awesome work so I can share them with U.. love Annie

Thank U for making it easy for me to buy your awesome designs. Love your style ❤️