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Hi, i am a very small time 3d printer (local trade shows for now) and saw u had a merchant package. Im really interested in 2 of the dice jails you have to be able to add to my shop. How do i go about doing so?

Hello! You can become a merchant here:

I backed the two kickstarters, but haven't printed any towers yet. What printer settings do you use? When I try to slice these, the print times are very long and the towers are huge. My printer can handle it, but they seem a lot bigger than the ones in your photos. I use standard gaming dice for tabletop.

Hello, you can find my printer settings I use here:
Just scroll down to the "Recommended Slicer Settings (For FDM printers)" section.

I purchased a couple of dice towers, however they are too big to fit on my build plate (Anycubic photon 4k). Would dice fit and roll down properly if it was scaled down to 80%? 90%?

Hi there, I have a dice scaler calculation here (just click on the "Dice Scale" at the bottom of the embedded sheet):

Thank you for that. Unfortunately, even scaled down to 80%, these don't fit on my plate. if there was a way to get them broken up into additional components for printing by part on a 6" build plate, that would be great!

All of our models were cut up to fit on a Prusa Mini (*7" square or larger). For smaller printers, you may need to cut them up using many free apps such as: Meshmixer, Fusion 360, 3D Builder, etc.

Took a couple of clicks, but I figured out how to halve or quarter the components to fit on my build tray. Thank you! I can't wait to try them out.

I thought I was purchasing a turtle that is a box. The files I got are the fancy shell and baby turtle, but there is a picture of a flat topped turtle that the fancy shell fits on in the pictures and that's what I thought I was purchasing. Am I missing something somewhere?

Hello! I am following up on the above. Can I get an answer about this please?

Hi there, there should be three files associated with this item: A complete turtle, the top of the box (shell) and the bottom (the turtle.) Maybe try refreshing and downloading again?

Ah, I see the problem. The bottom of the box is an obj file. I'll upload that part as a STL file now.

Ok, I've replaced the obj file with the stl file. Give it a bit, refresh, and happy printing!

Hello. I purchased your Warlock tower and was wondering what scale do I need to print it at to let it fit the 20D dice? Thank you for your time and help.:)

Hi there, all of our towers are designed to work with 20mm dice when scaled at 100%. For dice larger, we have a dice scale calculation that can be found here (click on the "Dice Scale" tab at the bottom of the embedded sheet):

Love your work! I am printing the fairy dice tower and started with the top first which came out amazing. Now that I look at the bottom part in prusaslicer I'm confused as to where the dice go in and also the door appears as though it will print solid with no stairs? Apologies if this is basic stuff but I am a newb. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work

Oh there is a decorative version (not a dice tower) included with the files. Please use the files with a DT (Dice Tower)

Simple. Thank you

Hello, your towers are amazing! I really like the clockwork tower. I was wondering where I can purchase the alternate version of it?

Hello, thank you. I apologize, I'm not quite sure what you mean by alternate? Could you specify? Thanks.

What you had said under the full teeth model was "I created an alternate version of the Clockwork Dice Tower with the mouth-area filled in, this version also has a dice entry on the top for those of you who are struggling to print the teeth". I was just where i could find that version.

I found it. I'm sorry about that.

Good afternoon i was wondering how i could go about attaining a merchant liscense from you

Hello! You can get a merchant license here: You can also take a look at our Tribes on MMF: We have a commercial license available on there, it's a monthly subscription and we release 4 files each month.

How do I get a merchant license?

Hello! You can get a merchant license here: You can also take a look at our Tribes on MMF: We have a commercial license available on there, it's a monthly subscription and we release 4 files each month.

Hello Kimbolt, Im interested in the Hydra model. It doesnt specify the size. Can you accomodate model to be a ble to 3D print to 9 inch figure? Please let me know. Thanks.

Hello, as far as I am aware, I believe you can scale STL files in any slicer. :)

Please stop to put on every of your models the word FREE or FREE SUPPORTS, your models are not free, We can understand that you dont want to give them for free but the people who is trying to find free stl just will hate your work. Not because is bad is just because if I am looking for something free and have to look 10 pages were 8 are non free models all created by you is not helping you to sell more because of the main reason of the word FREE and in the other hand is making us to just hate you.

Support Free = no supports are needed to print these items. I'll take gladly take your hate for using the right terms. lol

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Then would be nice if you write it on other words because your works are the only ones that appear when trying to find free stl or maybe is for another reason but why only your works? other guys also announce that supports are not needed and their works doesn´t appear in the list as your works. Is not hate against you is just a suggestion but my english is not so good and I can not choose specific words for everything.

I've been listing items for 3+ years this way. Those terms are not intended to deceive, just to describe the item. Anyway, here's a suggestion: use the nice little "Free" filter switch in your searches to see all items listed for free (no cost) and you won't see anything that costs money. YAY!

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Hello, I was looking for inspiration for painting this tower and found this etsy page. I think you might need to contact them on it

Hi there, I have many licensed merchants who sell printed items. You can tell this person is a merchant due to the unique ML number in their listing.


I just started working on printing a ranger dice tower. Have you ever considered creating a kind of lid for the Class dice towers so that they can be used to transport the dice as well? I'm so excited to use these towers your work is AMAZING!

Hello! Thanks for your kind words! That's a great idea! The idea has crossed my mind. I'm very busy right now but I'll certainly look into it in the future!

Hello, do you have separate door model for FAIRY HOUSE - ACORN? I printed the hosue and roof separately, but i realise there's no door

Do you offer any options with the rights to sell?

Yes, you can acquire a Merchant License here:

WOW! great work the detail is amassing, Hi I wanted to ask how much would you charge to design and sell me the stl files, and I own all the rights to everything you do for me, I'm new at this 3D printing, but I'm looking for someone that I can work with, if you interested give me your email and I will email you one of my ideas I would like done. nothing like people it's Badges

I'm glad you enjoy my work! However, my schedule is full at the moment.

Hello. I love your work. I'm also a Furhaven backer. I was wondering if you've considered separating parts of your prints, to make them printable in other colors. For instance the smoke stack/chimney on your wizards tower. It could be detached and printed in a brick red color and glued on to a brown roof later. Trying to cut up models after they are done is pretty difficult. Especially if it isn't a simple plane cut. I was wondering if it's easier during the design process.

Thank you so much! It's a really fun idea and it might be something we do in the future, however it's not feasible with our schedule right now.

Just found your profile on here. I absolutely love your work! You have a great talent :)

Thank you! I've had a lot of fun designing & modeling these! Have a good one!

Hi! I bought your Valkyrie Dice Tower, I printed it and it's beautiful, but I'm sorry to see that some big details have been neglected, indeed all the "wings" on the roofs are carved only on one side, the opposite side is smooth. I'm a little bit disappointed

-hi how can i get one betta fish?

I'm not sure what you mean? Do you mean the file or printed for you? You can find the file here:

do you have a patreon maker account.

I don't at the moment, but I plan on doing a subscription-based model someday.

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy printing your dice towers and I'm really more impressed with the design. I'm a machinist and use CAD/CAM software often. Out of curiosity, what software do you use to create these? I'm very interested in designing my own. Thank you and best wishes.

ZBrush! :-)

Getting ready to print the Cuthulu dice tower. Have you had someone print it with no supports? There looks to be some pretty steep overhands especially on his right hand.

He's been printed hundreds of times (I have several here) He prints pretty well without supports!

Thanks for getting back to me. Ended up printing OK but needed some tweaking.

The entrance for the dice is a little awkward. Have you thought of making a conical entrance? It would be easier to use and you could make a cap to plug it too.

I realize that you are saying they are designed to fit 30mm D20s and smaller dice but I am informing you that the mimic castle does not.

ok, gracias.

Oh, sorry, I've never claimed that they will fit dice that large. 20mm or smaller is what I promise. :-)

Excepcional trabajo realizado por usted, es dina de seguir sus trabajos. Un saludo.

¡Gracias! ¡Me alegra que te guste!