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Sadly they are no longer available online and I can't find the file or creator. The name had something with centipede in it and it was oversized as well. I did not use them for prints though as I am sadly bereft of a 3d printer. The whole idea of the kits was for people to use regular GW Primaris or firstborn arms.

After looking here, it seems like you've gotten a number of messages about the arms on the Gue'ron'vesa line, and the fact that there are none made-for-purpose. May I ask what arms you used for the example figures for various prints?

I can't find the arms for the models, is that a separate file or are we supposed to use fire warrior/space marine arms? Thanks!

Hi! Great models! I can't find separate hands for models, they are only in the collected examples. Or was it meant to be?

I am open ^_- Sorry for long time to respond.

Yup. Primaris and firstborn should fit.

Hello, I adore your work, espcially the Tau aligned space marines! I was wondering if you were currently open for commissions?

I love the Gue'ron'vesa models, but I noticed you didnt make any arms.
Do you think regular oldmarine arms are ok?