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Hello where can i get the piece to this that holds up the flower in the tube ? Please let me know when you received my message.

Hello Teamm2k,

thanks for contacting us.
There's not any 3D model available, since eumakeit is an upcycling design project based on reusing all the pieces of our spool..
You can get the missing part from EUMAKERS' reel, then.

Our best,

how can i get the spool part? (part 4 of corallight)

You're a lucky maker, Joseiverdura!

We ship worldwide with DHL express, and we do it for free for filaments order over 115 €!
Thanks for your words and have a good prints!

Our best,

Too bad they are not available in Argentina. Haha! anyway, congratulations on the spool reuse project!

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Hello Joseiverdura, you can get it purchasing EUMAKERS' filament.
Our best,

Hello Makers,
I am really happy with your creative design.
I am interested in a partnership.
Your email, please.

Hello Hamzabkl,

thanks for your feedback.
Feel free to contact us at

Our best,

Hola, el diseño no tiene el soporte mas importante.

Ok, ya diseñe el soporte que utilizan para colgar los objetos. si les interesa se los comparto.

¡Hola Rviglienzoni!

Gracias por contactarnos.

no falta ningún modelo 3D, ya que el que no encuentras es una pieza de nuestra bobina.

De hecho, EUMAKEIT es un proyecto basado en la reutilización de nuestro carrete -una vez terminado el filamento- para crear nuevos objetos.
Básicamente, puedes usar cada pieza de la bobina y crear hasta 11 objetos diferentes.

Para más informaciónes, consulte o contáctenos escribiendo a

Un saludo,
El equipo de EUMAKERS

Hello Thomas!

Thank you for contacting us.

there's not any 3D model missing, since the one you don't find is a piece of our reel.

In fact, EUMAKEIT is a project based on reusing our spool once filament is over, in order to create new functional objects.
Basically, you can use each piece of the reel and create 10 different objects!

For further informations, please check or contact us writing at .

Kind regards,


I just downloaded your headphone stand (thanks to put this object free).

I don't have the base (on the 2nd picture, there is the stand "+" the base but where is the base ?)

Thank you :)