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Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

Hello, if you can sell them no problem and thank you and merry christmas.

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Hello! amazing file for the dz girl, do you have any other type of files for dolls like her?

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Hello, thank you for your comment if I plan to bring out more dolls for now is only what I have published.

Good day. Where did cthulhu go))? will he appear again ?

Hello, yes I have it published in CGTrader there you can download it, thanks for commenting.

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cgt с РОССИЕЙ не работает ( cgt no trabaja con RUSIA)

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I uploaded it again thanks for the information

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спасибо, мил человек... но карта не проходит. (((... видимо куплю, когда победим ... отличная модель ( hank you, nice man... but the card does not pass. (((... apparently I'll buy it when we win... great model)

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Thank you

El archivo si esta bien? en la imagen de muestras morada, sale con falla

Hola, si salen bien eso pasa por el poligonaje un poco alto, nada más pero solo en la muestra el modelo está muy bien.

HOLA, me gustaría saber si las calaveras vienen separadas de la cruz, las necesito por separado.

My English is Not good, I use a Translator.
I want to know if the cross is separated from the five skulls.
There are 6 Files or just 1, I Need the skulls and the cross separated.

Me Refiero a la PORTADA de la CRUZ de GUNS AND ROSES.

Hola, no esta todo en una sola pieza.

Good afternoon, I printed Pennywise's shoes according to the sizes indicated in the download file, but they are small. Can you tell me the exact measurements for the Monster High leg? so that I do not miscalculate with the size and again do not throw money away. Sincerely, thank you.

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Hi, you can download it again, I have resized it, thanks.

thank you so much)

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bonjour, quelle taille fait itachi s il vous plait

Hi, the size is 200mm high.


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Hi, thank you.

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thanks to you friend

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Hi will you sell monster high shoes from the haunt couture line please ? I have the 3d tender and pics of the final product if you want them as references

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Hi as this I would have to look at the references, to see if I do, thanks.

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Thank you !
I’m sending you some references and the renders on instagram !

Yes, thanks

Hola, el archivo de son Gohan de niño es defectuoso, el rostro no funciona, un saludo.

Hola, gracias por decirme ya lo arregle gracias.

Ya lo puede descargar de nuevo.

ERES UN CRACK, luego revisare tu perfil, un saludo


Hola que tal, realizaras mas modelos de accesorios para bjd? como distintos cuernos, orejas ,etc? gracias

Hola, si voy a sacar y también algunas muñecas BJD, cualquier sugerencia me escribe gracias.

Tendras instagram o alguna red social? para asi seguirte y darte alguna sugerencia?

Si claro en instagram me puede buscar por cjleon3d

hola buenos dias
hice el pago a traves de paypal y no me da la descarga, y ya se desconto del banco

Hola, como esta pregunta que modelo dio problema para descargar?

Hello, I like your alien. I have lost my job and have some money, so I have an idea to sell printed figurines to feed my family. If I purchase your alien, can I sell printed figurines? Not sure if my business idea works I am just going to try.

Hello, you can also download to make supports for video game controllers such as Crash Bandicoot, there is out there a very good 3d model or another way to generate would be to make keychains there are other people who make miniatures such as warhammer or collectible figures such as dragon ball that of goku ultra instinct, there are several possibilities would only be to try which print will generate profits.

When I clicked on this model on Yeggi it says free. But it shows $3.00 on cults. What gives?

Hello, what is the model.

muy buen soport de control espero mas modelos!!


I bought a design from you. But u didnt add silverhands guitar . Please send me this desing . My e-mail :

Good morning,
Thank you for the purchase. Are you satisfied with the product?
Best regards