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What scale are these wheels and tires?


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Thank you. I may leave them at 1:24 for an oversized look on the 1:25 Camaro I am building. This will be my first print, fingers crossed lol.

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Good morning, I just purchased your file "DEEP TORQ WHEELS WITH TIRE FRONT AND REAR". I am brand new to 3d printing and this will be my first file. I need everything to print at a 1/25 scale. What setting would I use in Chitubox to achieve this? Thank you.

The wheels are 1/24th scale.
To rescale to 1/25th, just use 96% on your slicer.
On the Scale tab you can put manually the diameter of the tire you need for your model, and have the % value to use on the other parts like brakes and rims.

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Thank You for replying, Much Appreciated👍🍻

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I am interested in a file that's 1:24 but will need to rescale to 1:18?
Please advise, Thx🍻

Just use 133.32% to rescale on your slicer

Hey I figured it out thank you so much for all the help, I do wanna know if you have any kits for the Wpl 1/10 D42 van . If so can you send me the link to purchase it, thank you again

Hey I purchased a file off you and can’t open it. Says no file image. How do I send my file to a 3d printer, there’s no file

Did you unziped the files?

What slicer you are trying to open the files?

How would I unzip the file and the slicer cura5.0, it’s showing me a file item and when I click it , it shows no images, I’ve tryed downloading it a few times still not working , my friend is trying to print it and I’m trying to send the files but when he gets it it has no images, same thing from my phone

I downloaded the files from cults3d, unziped the files and opened all the files on the Cura slicer perfectly.

PLease go to windows explorer, locate the Blackbox folder you downloaded and go to "Blackbox>wpl-d12-rc-complete-bodykit-widebody"
There are two zip files inside this folder: One for wing and other with the bodykit parts.
Unzip the files and them go to Cura Slicer and open the STL format files.

This will work.

Any doubts, please write your email here and I will try to send you a video on how to unzip the files.


Hey I purchased a file off you and can’t open it. Says no file image. How do I send my file to a 3d printer, there’s no file

Hey I purchased a file off you and can’t open it. Says no file image. How do I send my file to a 3d printer, there’s no file

Hi,what is the scale of this your base upload model,I need rescale it and print in 1/43 scale..? - SPEEDSTER STYLE WHEEL, BRAKE AND TIRE FOR DIECAST AND RC MODEL 1/64 1/43 1/24 1/18 1/10.... Thx for your answer... :-)

To rescale to 1/43, use 55.8% on your slicer.

Other recommended way is to use the diameter in milimeters of the tire you need and put this value on the tire when scaling on your slicer. This will give you the % value to use on the rims and brakes.

Thank you for report me. THe wheel files are now fixed.

Thank you.

The whole file won't open up to put on chitubox

and i didn't report you

First, Try to download the files again. I fixed only the Wheel files that have some errors.
I checked The other parts and they are free for errors.

If you continue receiving errors try to download another slicer. There is no reason to file don't open correctly.
Please Send me a picture of your error to

ok...Thank you

hey i brought youre d steelies and they all crash as soon as i open them tried 3ds max and blender

Did you try to open on your slicer?

Would you be willing to still sell a 3D model you used to sell on here but have since removed? I'd love to buy the "Vintage Gaming Series Pitfall Diorama With Key Holder.....

Please send me an email to asking about this.


Hi would you know what how to size to covert your dumpster to 1/12?

To convert 1/24 to 1/12, use 200% on your slicer.

Awesome, thank you

eg6 wide body?

golf bodykit 1/18???

It is 1/24

thans shitt


Really want Thatcher in 1/18

You can resize it, but I don't know if will fit correctly

Estimado amigo disculpa podrias ayudarme a que realice la compra del mismo accesorios dos veces. la mas resiente en CULT hay alguna manera de devolución o nota de crédito o reemplazo por otro modelo. Espero tu pronta respuesta

    Invoice # CGTR 5282365
    Model ID: 3298594
    Model name: GTR R32 BODYKIT For Hotwheels 1-64
    Model license: Custom
    Purchased on: 2021-11-26

    1. SEGUNDA COMPRA CULT Número de pedido: #51749564 Número de factura: 3D-22219375 Fecha: 9 de marzo de 2023

Refunded on cults 3d.


hi, have you got more models for wpl d12

No. All i have is here on cults3d.

do you bring back the Ariel?

I never had this model on my library.

Hey, where can i found the original part?

What part?

hello I bought the file for the camaro 1/25 revell the bodykit and print 2 times. and there is a problem with the rear left wing each time the rear section at the bottom does not print well is possible to have the patches please put i in advance

Please send me a picture of the failure to
PLease send also the print orientation on your slicer;

Hi, a while ago I downloaded Keicar Drift machine but only now I realized that the bodywork is missing. I've searched but can't find the design to download it yet. Thank you

Please send me an e-mail to and ask about this. Thanks

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Hello I see a lot of your items printed and available on the internet i was wondering if i would be able to sell the printed versions in my antique booth along with all my other plastic model kits

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Do you sell your designs printed on ebay? I saw your parts on ebay and wanted to make sure its you instead of somebody selling your work

I don't sell printed parts.
Some people have authorization to sale on ebay and other channels
Do you have the link for the products?

Thank you very much

I just saw in his description he gives you credit so I would assume this is somebody you have given permission to, hope so anyways

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thank you for report me.


The 3d5 Style Wheel set isn't scaled correctly and does not fit together properly.

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Thank you very much for your report. The file has been fixed. You can download it again.
The wheel was all remade and added a wheel lip to mask the tire gap.


Wow! Thank you so much!

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Hello friend, follow my page, create cars for 3D printing

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Cooooooool work

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