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Hello is there a file for just the guard dog head?

any progress on the builder? love the torso and the legs...missing the arms tho

Hey, I have a question in regards of Astartes Tribute files. We have a large tournament in my country soon, and I was wondering If I could print 3-4 of those as a prizes for winners and random ppl. I won't charge anything, just wanted to give it away as a reward.
Best Regards,

Hello Im reaching out with a question (new to printing). I'm having issues with the files for the Scifi Trensh Fighter, will not open file saying "invalid file" in chitchubox. Is there any tips to get it to show up?

the War Dogs are great but i search for a Dog without mask, have you this file without a msk ?


I have an off the wall question. I have about 50 of the 2nd edition rough riders... I am looking for, of all things a masked horse head to possibly "update" my models with. Is there a way to get a model of the horse head and neck?



Hi, are you gonna make some rough rider of krieg someday?
Love your modele !

Just want to know if the napoleon comes presupported ?

Hello there,

What do you use & how did you bend a model on that shoulder pad without using the merging tool by Zidan?

I have my own custom insignia, but if I use that merging tool I will loose some of the details from the 3D model.

Some videos I've seen on Youtube are not that clear.


Just looking for some quality terminators. Your models all see pretty good, but I don't see any. I bet you could make some great ones!

Fuck yeah Brexit..... down with the Eu beurarats

I love your Ragnar Black mane Company Shoulder Pads. Do you have a file of the symbol separate from the pad that I could use to apply to some of the models GW has put out that already have shoulder pads attached?

LMK, thanks,

Hi, i saw you used the space marine primaris bodys and legs in your screenshots.
I downloaded a T-Pose primaris space marine but i think yours looks a little different.
Did you create it yourself? Do you share your primaris bodies? I am always looking for A or T Pose models, i don't have much time to model it myself, im more into rigging and animating.

I saw your Death Korps of Krieg model based on the famous Napoleon painting. I would love to have this model, but I don’t have a 3D printer. If you have a printer, I would be more than happy to pay you to print your design and send me the model. Here’s my email since I don’t have an account with cults3d and I’m not sure if I can get messages back without one.
Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Hi. By chance do you have a file with the arms you use in the background of your marine helmet file?

HI! have you an instagram account?

Hi there,

I was wondering for your imperial bunker do you have the top part of it available?

I downloaded your file but it doesn't have the top cover to it?



My name is emma in the owner of I'm just wondering if i could work something out with you to print and sell your 40K bases range then I might be interested when our resin printers arrive for your miniatures too but just bases for now i pay each month to paypal 10% of sale price of your items I do this with a few on thingiverse.

My email contact is I look forward to hearing back from you FYI I'm bases in Perth Australia

Kind Regards


Really want to print the Gas mask dogs, but shapeways does not recognise the files as compatible. Any suggestions, or could you attempt to fix the STL files?




and which subreddit would that be?

Ah that's sad but very understandable ! :D

Well you should consider some kind of direct-contact-paypal-donation-reward. Some people are doing that on a certain reddit. :D