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Caution friends, this is not a private messaging but a public discussion thread. It is a place of exchange, thank you for being courteous and respectful. Any commercial or malicious solicitations will be removed. If you mention a particular design, feel free to add the link or the design title in your post so that the conversation can be properly directed. If you want to attach pictures to your post, feel free to upload your images to a free online image hosting service like Imgbb and copy/paste your image links into your comment. Have a good discussion!

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Hey. Its a lovely model and prints perfectly. Is it possible to get the model in a dxf format or similar please so i can edit it in fusion so i can edit it for a display

Good morning, I would like to buy all 8 Minecraft figures as much as you do in the complete pack

Bonjour je suis très content de votre travail c’est super sympa à imprimer pensez-vous pouvoir travailler sur les personnages de Mickey et ses amis?

I am glad to know that you enjoy my designs, I will take into account your suggestion for future designs ;)

Hi i enjoy a lot your models. Can you please make a Super sonic easy to print version? its the gold one!! Thank you.

Noted in my list of future designs ;)

please can you do a SNORLAX!

Noted on my list ;)

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HI there, may I sell one of your 3d prints we bought several weeks ago? Not selling the file but just the end product printed with our printer.

I would like to know if you have planned to make (or if you have already in stock) some "roman design" form Asterix universe? It would be nice next to Asterix and Obelix -and for my children to play with :-p -
I like very much your sculpt style ^^
Best regards

Hola, que tal, primero decirte que me gustan mucho tus diseños , tanto el aspecto de la pieza como la facilidad de impresión. Comentarte que ayer realicé la compra de algunos archivos, lamentablemente tengo que decirte que la figura de Goku y Vegeta no me gustan de aspecto, son un poco fantasmagoricos, te digo esto ya que esas dos figuras deberían de ser las mas bonitas de toda la colección sin embargo es al revés. Le animo para que re-diseñe esas 2 figuras ya que creo que son el pilar de la serie Bola de Dragón.
No se lo tome como algo malo mi comentario, es un gran diseñador.

Hola , como se suele decir " nunca llueve a gusto de todos" puede que Vegeta y Goku sean los principales de la serie pero para mi no son los más llamativos a excepción de Vegeta SSJ4 , a Goku lo cree con cara de "tolai" como lo recuerdo de mi infancia y el resto de personajes son bastante llamativos como perfect cell ,ozaru o brolly por poner un ejemplo... modelar un diseño 3D partiendo de imágenes 2D es mucho de reinterpretacion y yo lo hago viendo fotos y recreandolos a mi estilo, podría modelar exactamente lo que veo pero ni seria Easy Print y tampoco me diferenciaria del resto.
Un saludo 😉

I really like your Halloween themed minions. Would you consider making a witch to go with the set?

I have some projects in hand, but maybe I'll pause them to complete the collection with your suggestion ;)

Hi, we love your designs, specially the minions. Have you considered making a superman minion figure?

I am glad that you like my designs and especially the minions, superman is one of my favorite superheroes, I will take into account your suggestion for a next design :)

In addition to Harry Potter, another grandson is into Five Nights At Freddies (which to my taste is weird) for which I would gladly purchase models

Noted on my list in case any characters flow;)

Have you considered some characters from the Harry Potter books and movies collection?

Hi! Your supportless models are wonderful. Would you consider creating a supportless stormtrooper? It's impossible to find a stormtrooper model of any kind w/o supports. Thanks so much!

It is noted in my list of future designs, surely some more star wars character I add in my list :)

Awesome, thanks so much for considering! Your supportless designs are the absolute BEST.

Most of your minions are no longer available. Any chance you will be putting them back. Just my luck they are gone the day i can afford to buy them. Thanks. Love your stuff

It has to be a web error, all my designs are active, thanks for notifying me

Cults guys fixed the problem ;)

Hello, Is there any chance to dawnload your model for Anger from Inside Out ? Thank you

hello,I dont know what is the problem all the files are available if you cant download let me know and I will talk to cults :)

Well, on page with your Anger model it says "UNFORTUNATELY THE CREATION YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS GONE…"

It's weird... I see the "Anger" page perfectly in several browsers, mobile and pc

As you said, its wierd.. becouse it doesnt work in any of my browsers or phone also my friend tried opening the URL and got the same problem, maybe you have put the model as "hidden" so only you can see

I will send a message to cults, my designs are active, it must be a web error

Cults guys fixed the problem

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Already downloaded, thank you

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Hello, I would like to ask you something. If I buy a model from you and print it, can I sell it on my website? Other creators have this option if I support them on patreon, but I don't see this option for you, so I would like to ask about it.
Thanks for the info and thanks for your models.

Hello, downloading my designs is enough support, I am constantly publishing new ones, a link or mention on networks is also appreciated :)

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Hello, is it possible to geht the assembly instructions for your dinosaur puzzle models?


Tried multiple time and your print will not extract or un zip??

hello, no one has ever reported that problem to me, my files are never compressed, tell me which design you have a problem with and I will try to help you :)

Hello, I really love your designs.
I would like to suggest that you should design charakters from the gummibears (all the bears, Toadward [small ogre] and a big ogre) and the fish (Fabius) from arielle (its very hard to find a design of him out in the internet). Also a kanguru and koala bear would be cute ^.^

Hi, I will take into account your suggestions for future designs ;)

hello- do you custom design? im looking to have something designed ;)

Hello, I do not make custom designs but I do accept suggestions ;)

Hey, I really love your HTTYD models! Would you potentially take requests to modify them a bit? I'd love to have standing HTTYD models in your style and would gladly reimburse. Essentially the existing models but standing instead of on belly. If this request is out of line, I do apologize and Im fine with removing it. Thank you for your work!

I will take into account your suggestion for future designs, I am glad to see that you like dragons