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Salut merci ! A l'époque beaucoup de mes followers étaient anglo-saxons, les inscriptions sont en anglais. A bientôt Alphonse

Mince.... du coup je vais attendre qu'un jour elles existent en français :(

(merci pour votre réponse !)

hello can you check your files STL files are very bad drawing lines pixseller is very bad

1 - What object are you talking about?
2 - Did you print the object?

I would like to know how much the 10 soldiers of England weigh, to calculate how much it would cost me to print them

it's light ;-)

I would like to know how much the 10 soldiers of England weigh, to calculate how much it would cost me to print them

Hello!!! I bought you the model of the French soldier with a gas mask, there were model errors in CURA but I printed a scale test and it came out fine. The problem I have is that the backpack file is not there. Could you pass it to me please? Thanks a lot. Elias

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Hi Elias, thanks for supporting me, you have new STL files, soldier with backpack. File with supports for resin printing.

But my put a picture of a golden french soldier with a gas mask and a backpack, but the backpack is not in the file i bought

Hi there, was just curious if it was possible for me to scale down the boxes to make it fit a tic-tac box

Hi, it is possible, but the products to print are not recommended for food products. If you use filament or food resin why not. What box do you want?

Good evening im not able to slice part 1 of this model in my slicer,after loading it allthat shows is a black shape. Could you please advise or send me my money back thank you

Do you use supports … new to 3d printing

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Yes of course !!!!

Hello Alphonso, I have downloaded the letter P from steampunk and I get some errors in the screws with the stl file, can you send it to me in some other format? this download is a test to download more letters if they print well. Thank you.

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Hi, sorry I didn't see your message. Have you solved your printing problem? Then a lot of maker printed my alphabet without problems. Keep me posted, see you soon Alphonse

Hello Alphonse,
I have just bought your "BOX WITH HINGE BUNDLE PACK" and i love them.
but 2 models that I saw in the photo are missing.
1. steampunk swimming.
2. Box_Rivets.
please, you can send me this pieces?
thanks a lot.

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Hi, sorry it's a mistake, I added two missing boxes: The rivet box and the swimming pool box. Thank you for your support see you soon Alphonse

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Dear Alphonse

I admire your work greatly, especially your Napoleonic models. Could you give me some idea how I go about getting a License to resell and waht sort of cost is involved?

Kind regards

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Hi, thank you for your compliments it is always a pleasure. At the beginning of March, I have a license system online at I will make an announcement in my instagram stories, see you soon Alphonse thank you again ;-)

I can't see the pictures

The print came out AWESOME!!! I resized it to make it a bit larger, printed it as a birthday gift for a friend, Tee, and it is beautiful!
Thank you!

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thank you it's a pleasure ;-)

Hy...wie hast du denn den tollen Kupfer oxidiert look hinbekommen?`, bzw. welche Farben hast du da verwendet?...mfg

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Can I use other 1/35 scale models for my diorama for the 1915 Kickstarter contest?

hi, yes but there still have to be the Kickstarter soldiers.

Ok thanks!

würden Sie auch drucken und es dann versenden?
Ich selber habe keinen 3D Drucker.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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hi, unfortunately I do not print the objects, thank you for the interest you have in my work, good day Alphonse

This steampunk letter G looks nice so I bought it but the filesize is staggering and chokes my fast Windows machine. It is unusable for me. Can I get a refund?

Are these royalty free? I would like to make these out of wood and sell them. Thanks

Hi, thank you for your interest in my work. My models are not royalty free, it's a lot of work to create them, I can license them. See you soon Alphonse

What is the cost for licensing?

Wait you are licensing the model and you are putting your initials rather large into the model also?

And you also charge to download the models. You are really charging a lot. I was interested as they were cool models. But with your initials SO BIG in the model and charging to download the models and then charging to sell them also is just too excessive for me. Not interested now

If there is a mark on some of my objects, it is precisely because people are trying to copy or resell them! For honest people like you, I license and the marks are removed. 1 year is 165 € two years is 290 €.

I see someone else asked about commissioned print files. I'm interested in an STL for a steampunk box similar to the fliptop lid one listed, but to hold an object 50mm x 152mm x 152mm. Needs a lid of some kind, doesn't have to be hinged. Can that be produced for me?

hi thank you for the interest you have in my creations. Currently I am super busy with my Kickstarter, maybe next time, thank you again soon Alphonse

hello how would a licence be to sell your phone stand please ?

hi, to distribute one of our objects, the license is 165th per year or 290 € for two years. thanks for your interest. Alphonse

Good Day! Do you do commissions perhaps?
I am need a of a nice traditional Santa in a seated
pose? Final size would be relevant to 6" action Figure
Please let me know... Thank you!


Is the scale really 1/72?
Thanks, Francois.


Thank you. I'm always interested in already supported designs :D
I use both Chitubox and Lychee.

ok, as soon as I get home I'll send you the images ;-)

I upload a picture of the model with supports. Indeed you have an error message (This can happen on very complex objects), you don't care you can print it anyway. If the impression wasn't good, never put this file up for sale, trust me. I upload the .lys file, so you already have the media installed. See you soon Alphonse

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Thank you, I just downloaded the file and it opened fine. I'll let you know when it's printed. I'll probably resize it to 1/72 later to use it in a dio with an FT. :D

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Great ! Do you want me to make you a special file for 1/72?

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That'd be great! If you can do that :D

ok I will do it ;-)

with plinth or without plinth?

can be done with plinth and supports :D

You will find a version without base at the scale 1/72 and a ZIP with the scene .Lys with the supports posed. Alphonse ;-)

Alphonse, Yesterday I bought your Musician figure. Can you tell me what scale it is exactly? I also noticed when I tried to open in Lychee there were problems detected that took very long to fix in W10 3D Builder (Still turning) TIA

hi, thank you for your interest in my designs. The soldier is about 12cms tall. I also use Lychee Slicer and have no worries. I think you can skip Lychee's corrections and put the supports, would you like me to send you an image of my supports?
I come home this evening around 6:00 p.m. and watch this.

Le lien vers la vidéo de montage ne fonctionne pas.

Salut, j'ai testé le lien, il fonctionne ;-)

Bonjour, j'ai essayé à nouveau ce matin et le lien ne fonctionne toujours pas.

Vous devez avoir un problème, car le lien fonctionne ;-)

Je ne vois pas quel problème aurait mon PC. Lorsque je clique dessus, j'arrive sur le site de Vimeo et le message suivent s'affiche : Désolé, nous n'avons pas pu trouver cette page.

Assurez-vous d'avoir saisi l'URL correctement, ou essayez une recherche sur Vimeo. Vous pouvez aussi visionner une des vidéos ci-dessous à la place.

ok, je comprend, j'ai changé les attributions de la vidéo, désolé, je n'avais pas remarqué que sans compte "Vimeo", cela ne fonctionne pas. Maintenant c'est ok, tenez moi au courant ;-)

Super, ça marche. Merci beaucoup.

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Top, merci de ton intérêt, à bientôt ;-)